A Mysterious Background of the Ninth Legion in the Roman Army

A Mysterious Record of the Ninth Legion in the Roman Army

How does a whole legion in the Roman Army vanish? Unlike the disaster of Teutoburg Forest, where data give credence to a entire massacre of Roman legions, no such facts exists for one of Rome’s most fight hardened legions. The Ninth Legion was a jewel in the crown of the Roman Empire. These were among the oldest and highest famed legions to ever before march for Rome. They participated in many military campaigns, winning countless battles and continually delivering the enemies of Rome with their knees. Quite possibly among the highest decorated legions in the imperial army, these were at the elevation of their glory in the annals records. Then without description, the Ninth Legion vanished from Rome’s history. For a long time, scholars have theorized a variety of explanations regarding the disappearance of the Ninth Legion and possibly movie makers have capitalized upon this age aged mystery. Was the finish of the Ninth Legion a glorious affair with bloodstream and sweat, fighting to the previous man or was it a gradual and undistinguished fading? Commissioned in Spain at that time around 65 B.C., the Ninth Legion was among Rome’s oldest, and finally became one it’s virtually all decorated legions in the empire. The Ninth Legion would take part in countless promotions. The Ninth Legion fought under Julius Caesar during his invasion and conquest of Gaul in 58 B.C. The Ninth Legion also

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