An Analysis of the type of the Dark Continent

An Analysis of the type of the Dark Continent

Rachel Parsons

Africa in General and Madagascar Africa, before middle to past due nineteenth century was referred to as The Dark Continent. The reason behind this reputation was that at that time no outsider could go in terrain of the big continent and start to see the diversity and the complexity of it. The first impression the European received was what they found that the coastal areas of Africa and had taken this impression back again to their countries and labeled the continent to be dark, not only for the reason that encounter that they had with dark skinned persons also as a result of their ignorance.

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Africa could be looked at in several various ways, such as for example climate, ethnicity, history, languages, vegetation, natural information, physical feature, and religions. First of all, Africa has five primary climate regions: tropical rain forests, mediterranean, savanna, steppe, and desert. In addition, it has small parts of highland, marine, and subtropical. Second, the vegetation varies according to the climate place. In desert regions it is mainly barren but has little bit of vegetation, which has adapted to a restricted way to obtain water. Tropical rainfall forest usually possesses three layers of trees, which are broadleaf evergreens. They also have many different little ferns, vines, and shrubs. In the mediterranean environment there happen to be evergreen trees blended with coniferous and broadleaf trees. Oaks, pines, and tiny shrubs also are common. There happen to be two types of savanna, woodland which has tall tress and perennial grasses and grassland, which involves low developing deciduous, evergreen, and shrubbery. Grassland savannas also have various species of bare thorn shrubbery and the grasses will be almost barren. Based on the area, Africa's cash

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