An Analysis of this issue of the Bonds Through Necessity

An Analysis of this issue of the Bonds Through Necessity

Bonds Forged Through Necessity

The type of the man/girl binary, seemingly ever-present in day-to-day life, blurs beneath the zoom lens of desire. The formulation of social norms pre-dates the emergence of the present day woman that challenges these unspoken guidelines of society. The public construction of gender roles will not neatly suit within the confines of norms. Rather, the emergence of the woman is usually combative and pushes the boundaries of traditions beyond its safe place of culturally defined normalcy. The present day day girl shatters the perception of girls and womanly desire through the connective cells of female relationships, fabricated out necessarily. Necessity, as a catalyst for these forged bonds strained or elsewhere, introduces elements into the female romantic relationship dynamic that permit these relationships to increase beyond the great/evil, man/girl binary trap. These elements contain rivalry, homoeroticism/lesbianism, friendship, enemy, “frenemy,” familial obligations, acquaintances, and strangers. Comparatively, the solidarity of the feminine community, whether implicit or explicit, tears down the wall space of patriarchy. Further emphasis of these discrediting of patriarchal philosophy is evidenced by gets results compiled by Nella Larsen, Ford Maddox Ford, and Rebecca West. Literature, as a reflection of the individual experience, exhibits the crumbling of patriarchal philosophy that ladies are defined by males and their regards to men.

For centuries, the

nature of female human relationships is a field of study which has not

been researched normally as male relationships. Quite often,

experts have deduced that ladies aren't too invested in

relationships with the other person because of cattiness, jealousy,

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