A Framework of Information Systems Ideas

 A Framework of Information Devices Concepts Dissertation





The FRISCO Report (Web edition)

simply by

Eckhard M. Falkenberg

Wolfgang Hesse

Paul Lindgreen

Björn E. Nilsson

J. L. Han Oei

Colette Rolland

Ronald E. Stamper

Frans J. M. Van Assche

Alexander A. Verrijn-Stuart

Klaus Voss

© IFIP 1998

ISBN 3-901882-01-4

Full textual content of the FRISCO Report (MS-Word 6. 0)

(as offered by unknown ftp: //ftp. leidenuniv. nl/pub/rul/fri-full. zip) The FRISCO Statement, originally designed in December mil novecentos e noventa e seis, is now made available as a downloable file for analysis and educational uses. Not to always be distributed to get profit, in just about any form, without written authorization of the Intercontinental Federation for Information Processing

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Published copies (soft and hard cover) can be obtained with authorization of the copyright laws holder, for cost + postage, from the

Department of Computer Scientific research, University of Leiden, The Netherlands (enquire: [email protected] leidenuniv. nl)

© IFIP 1996, 1998

ISBN 3-901882-01-4




1 . 1 The Information System Area 5

1 . two Roots in the Problems in the Information Program Area six

1 . 3 Setting up a Framework of Information System Concepts: 12 1 . four The Composition of Our Conceptual Framework doze

1 . a few The Composition of the FRISCO Report 13


2 . 1 Looking for a Starting Point 14

2 . a few Some Important Questions to always be Asked and Some Simple Answers 16 2 . 4 Toward a Conscience d'être twenty four

3 DATA SYSTEM CONCEPTS: An Integrated Summary 26

several. 1 The " Weltanschauung" 28

three or more. 3 Actors, Actions and Actands 41

3. 4 Constructing and Representing Ideas 44

a few. 5 Conversing Conceptions: Limitations Imposed by the Constructivist Watch 53 several. 6 Types 55

3. 7 Systems 60

a few. 8 Organisations, Information and Communication sixty four

3. on the lookout for Information Devices 72

several. 10 Computerised Information Sub-systems 75

a few. 11 Synopsis of Presumptions and Meanings 83

four INFORMATION SYSTEM CONCEPTS: A Formal Approach ninety two

4. 1 The Fundamental Layer 94

some. 2 The Layer of Actors, Activities, and Actands 100

four. 4 The Layer of System Ideas 108

four. 5 The Layer of Organisational and Information Program Concepts 128 4. 6th Summary of Primitives, Axioms, Definitions and Functions 112 5 AN EXAMPLE APPLICATION OF THE CONCEPTUAL CONSTRUCTION 121

five. 1 Explanation of the Check Case 121


6. you Semiotic Concepts 137

6th. 2 Program Concepts 146

6. a few Modelling Principles 153

six REFLECTIONS: Dedicated Positions around the Report one hundred sixty five

FRISCO – " Mission 5. Impossible”? (Eckhard D. Falkenberg) 165 Can be Information to get the Phlogiston of the Later 20th Hundred years? (Wolfgang Hesse) 171 On Collaborative Linking Support intended for the FRISCO Concept System (Pentti Kerola) 177 FRISCO - A Way to Insight? (Paul Lindgreen) 182

Reflections from a Medical specialist on the Details Concept (Björn E. Nilsson) 187 A Dissenting Position (Ronald T. Stamper) 191

FRISCO Mirrored Upon: So what on earth or Aha? (Alexander A. Verrijn-Stuart) 197 REFERENCES 203



The FRISCO Report Preamble

- one particular -

Away with a corrupt world!

Allow us to breathe the environment of the Captivated island.

George Meredith, The Ordeal of Richard Feverel


Precisely what is the FRISCO Report About?

The FRISCO report gives the outcomes of the operate of the IFIP WG 8. 1 Job Group FRISCO1. The group was suggested in 1987 [FL87] and established 23 years ago. It prepared three conferences on this subject matter [FL89, FRE92, FHO95] and produced a great interim record in May 1990 [Lin90a].

This (final) report is intended to provide a suitable conceptual construction, i. e., wherever possible, basic, clear and unambiguous meanings of, and a suitable lingo for the most primary concepts inside the information program field, such as the notions details and interaction, and of business and information system. The report approaches these issues in two levels, namely (1) a broad examination of relevant fields, and...

Recommendations: - 209 -

Press, New Destination and London, uk, 1974

Capacities, To appear in Proceedings of 30th HICSS Conference, 97

Ver87 A. A

Congress, Paris, 1991

Wit22 M

Wit53 Ludwig Wittgenstein: Philosophical Investigations, 1953, Edition UK 1976, ISBN 0631-11900-0

Wri63 G. L

You89 At the. Yourdon: Modern Structured Examination, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1989

The FRISCO Record Glossary



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