a contemplation after flowers

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п»їA contemplation upon flowers


The speaking voice /persona is philosophical as he uses what is primarily an individual difficulty to a generally applicable conclusion. It movements from admiration and dilemma at his his personal recalcitrance ( hard to manage and understand) to one of acceptance and peace. Feeling

The feeling of the poem is deeply reflective one particular as the poet contemplates his individual mortality. Main themes

Death and life- our lives happen to be but a cycle that culminate ineditably in depth. If we live our lives purposely and meaningfully we would have no purpose to fear loss of life. Death then must not be seen as a frightening celebration (line thirteen) but the all-natural culmination of your life very well lived Take great pride in and humility- the speaker suggests that to become proud can be deny kinds mortality and live that one were immortal. States that the blossoms are not " vain” and " are certainly not proud” mainly because they " know( their birth)” and their beauty comes from the lowliest of options the earth ( line 6). humility lies in accepting ones mortality and living correctly. Learning Lessons from Nature- the loudspeaker is initially anxious regarding the thought of dying. Upon seeing the bouquets and how that they conform to the guidelines of Nature, he makes several parallels to his own circumstance. He learns that life is flitting and death although a tranquil sleep, an excellent return to our " beds of earth " to join the flowers presently there. The speaker actually entreats the flowers to be his teacher (line 13, 17) Moral obligations- the speaker concludes it is our responsibility to look out for the needs of others and generate a positive contribution to the universe as stated inside the lines " teach me personally that my personal breath/ Like your may affected and parfum my death” ( series 17 and 18) wherever breath identifies life and the sensory photo to " sweeten and perfume” refers to living a fantastic life.

The poem by itself is in the type of an apostrophe( an talk about to an lack of or inanimate object) consequently it makes significant usage of personification, by way of example " gray...



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