Marketing the modern Bmw Z3 Roadster

 Marketing the New Bmw Z3 Roadster Essay


In the case " Launching the BMW Z3 Roadster" someone is engrossed into the marvelous world of auto marketing. The truth deals with the launch, from the now infamous BMW Z3 roadster, an auto that totally changed and recharged the uninteresting American engine industry in the mid 1990's. The case talks about the successful first phase launch on this new drop top natural beauty. It concentrates on the customers and how they abruptly picked up the marketing cues and tales depicted by the various promotional parties that had been led simply by James McDowell, BMW's marketing vice president. It was a marketing plan that obtained a lot of merit and success В– by using unconventional promotion methods to set their merchandise out in the public. The main methods tried to stay away from the normal billboards and print media. Rather, the marketing teams decided to take those car in the new world of cinema and multimedia, in which sound, eyesight, video and technology would promote the vehicle В– during a time of accelerated IT development. The team by BMW made a decision that since the Z3 was a new В‘unconventional' car, it also required the same unconventional marketing techniques to match it is identity. The BMW Z3 was a way of living car and what better way to put this idea forwards than by simply releasing that alongside the passionate and stylish gadget person himself, 007 В– James Bond; exposed throughout the new technological gateways with the internet as well as the movies. This kind of paper will try and look more deeply into this case of BMW's successful Z3 launch and whether or not they will be able to match the enthusiasm in the second stage of the vehicle's launch.

1 . BMW's shift into the " Non Traditional" marketing location.

BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) has always been a very good name associated with quality and performance in the automobile market. From their very humble beginnings since an plane engine company in 1916 during Community War 1, they gradually shifted into manufacturing motors for motor bikes and then finally moved into full-time car developing by 1929. The Bavarian built history was a feature that has been included in their brand. The new Z3 was going to be a challenge for the reason that it was the first AS BMW HYBRID to be constructed in Spartanburg, Sc. In order for clients to buy in this new American built THE CAR would actually be a challenge, because the В‘Bavarian' castle was at this point no longer part of this new car. BMW realized that this level may cause certain customers who also grew up with the Bavarian created mindset, who had strong associations with Germany's quality automobile industry (Mercedes, Audi and Porsche); might actually shun this car prior to its release. Also the Z3 was a new sort of car entirely; It was a low cost conscious nice roadster (Convertible), that was intended to acquire BMW away of their standard " serious" photo and to restore and shift the brand alone as a car with wonderful driving efficiency along with style and attitude as well.

To achieve these goals, THE CAR was going to need not only an excellent marketing campaign, but one that specifically could truly differentiate from the rest of the pack. They had with an " non-traditional campaign" to promote their fresh unconventional car to revive it is image along with counter any preconceived notions that the car would be of poor quality, getting American made. As well BMW had noticed that non-traditional methods could result in major cost savings from prior studies. Another reason why AS BMW HYBRID may have opted for this sort of unconventional pre release could also do while using fact that they (BMW) had been just about to introduce the modern BMW 5 series. This is certainly a standard 5 door sedan, something in direct contrast to the fresh Z3 roadster. The a few series becoming a traditional traveling vehicle can utilize the " conventional" type of advertising through billboards and print. Going forward for the same promoting tactics together with the Z3 would have led to inner competition and cannibalism from the Z3's marketability.

Market research also turned out...



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