Assessing and Contrasting Hamlet and Laertes

 Comparing and Contrasting Hamlet and Laertes Research Daily news

Kaitlyn Gordon 2/21/22

Mrs. Leonard Pre-AP English

Task #24

Comparing and Different Hamlet and Laertes

There are many ways over the play in which Hamlet and Laertes are both similar and various. Some are more obvious delete word, but yet they can be still right now there. You may not feel that there are any similarities because of the outward distinctions between those two men, just like their friends and family background. Hamlet is the child of the lifeless king, his father, and is heir for the throne of Denmark. Laertes is the child of Polonius, who is basically the king's, or Hamlet's uncle's, right-hand guy. As stated above, Hamlet is higher in rank than Laertes; a basic, obvious difference.

Another is about their lifeless fathers. When ever Hamlet's daddy dies, this individual mopes about and mourns his dad's death for some time. Even when his mother and uncle are having their wedding party, Hamlet is seen still using his grieving clothes, or black clothes. Also, he happens to discover his dad's ghost, which in turn causes him to start out acting crazy a little. Which is a similarity between Laertes and Hamlet; the death with their fathers lead them to go on revenge of their deaths, but the big difference is in how they put their very own revenge into motive. When ever Laertes's daddy dies, alternatively, he immediately rounds up a mafia and charges the castle, threatening the king, or Claudius, for sword level. Probably not an intelligent thing intended for Laertes to do, but apparently he did it anyways.

An additional difference is usually their psychological behavior. Laertes is more of the hypocrite, and doesn't constantly " follow what he preaches, ” according to his sibling, Ophelia. This individual his extremely overly demonstrative as well, whereby Hamlet can be not. Laertes's is also not as knowledgeable because Hamlet rather than as patient. Also, Laertes throws away his exclusive chance and begins cheating and lying to get revenge, though he talks about to everyone that he can still prating about his " terms of honor. ” Hamlet, oppositely, by no means stoops to his level. Hamlet also...



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