Examine Plan of CoolBlog Delicacy Sdn. Bhd.

 Audit Strategy of CoolBlog Dessert Sdn. Bhd. Article

Internal Review Plan of CoolBlog Treat Sdn. Bhd.

1 . 0 Business Account

1 . you Background

CoolBlog is a major international brand specialists desserts and beverages within a take-away for a concept. They can be first launched in Singapore in 2005 and expanding their particular business in Malaysia by simply introducing sweet and drinks with 25 flavours and 300 products range. There are more than 230 outlets starting in various places including Muadzam Shah, Pahang which is starting in 2012 and located in MM198-206, Jalan Medan Stylis 12, 26700, Muadzam Shah, Pahang. The startup cost for starting CoolBlog is all about RM a hundred and twenty, 000 which includes rent, tools, raw materials, permit and schooling. Even though the startup cost is quite costly, however they manage to gain profit of RM 30, 000 monthly which make the startup cost are advantageous to invest. It becoming more popular and good where consumers are mostly by students. It is beginning from 10 a. m. until 12 p. meters. 1 . a couple of Vision

CoolBlog has defined a three years growth plan to bring the total number of CoolBlog outlets in Singapore and Malaysia to at least 150 stores. This eyesight was accomplished in 12 months 2011. Consequently , CoolBlog offers set another vision in 2014 to improve the total quantity to four hundred outlets in the coming two years and to be the leading and largest sequence outlets in Malaysia that specialize in sweets and beverages products.

1 . 3 Quest

CoolBlog objective is to present customer the finest quality of dessert and beverages inside the most efficient time. They also make an effort to derive satisfaction of " Thanks", " Smile" and " Gratitude" from every Coolblog client.

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Internal Audit Plan of CoolBlog Dessert Sdn. Bhd.

1 ) 4 Beliefs

They are also discussed 5 sagesse which makes these to achieve all their company targets which are:



Logos is all

your time and effort.

Our cognitive:

Previous execute

might not


Our idea:

Nothing is


Our goal: The

ideal is but to


Our hard work: Think

as a consumer.

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Internal Audit Plan of CoolBlog Delicacy Sdn. Bhd.

1 . five Organizational Graph


Yew Swee Siang &

Jerene Tan


Nor Fazira Binti




Nor Akmal Binti

Cushion Omar

Rogayah Binti


2 . zero General Information

2 . one particular Purpose

The audit can be design to spot the risk coming from existing administration practices and procedures in specific parts of the organization. It is additionally to talk on the results and make recommendations to further improve the success and efficiency of the functions which is an additional value for the organization.

installment payments on your 2 Opportunity

Audit job was carried out to cover settings in the pursuing areas: 1) Risk Evaluation – The assessment of risks from your existing supervision practices and procedures.

2) Process Compliance - The effectiveness of systems and procedures in position throughout like the adequacy of internal handles.

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Inner Audit Strategy of CoolBlog Dessert Sdn. Bhd.

3) Output Complying – The presence of the proper information exist to provide assurance that procedures happen to be being consistently followed and controls will be being preserved. 2 . three or more Audit Procedure

The following techniques were utilized:


Identity of the part and objectives of each area.


Identity of hazards within the devices, and regulates in existence allowing the control objectives to get achieved.


Evaluating and testing of controls within the systems.

several. 0 Examine Process

a few. 1 Type of Internal Audit

1) Operational Audit

A great operational audit involves a great examination of the control procedures in the organization to determine perhaps the control procedures are functioning effectively and efficiently to offer the objectives from the organization. This kind of examination will seek to identify areas of deficiencies and areas for improvement in efficiency.

3. a couple of Internal Examine Subject

1 . Function: Selling desert and beverages.





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