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Real This town become the initial sports club to go beyond the €500m revenue tolerance in a single 12 months


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Welcome How we did it Pros and cons The Deloitte Football Cash League Providing more to sport

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January 2013

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Welcome for the 16th release of the Deloitte Football Cash League, through which we profile the highest getting clubs inside the world's most popular sport. Published ten months following your end with the 2011/12 time, the Money Little league is the most modern-day and reliable analysis with the clubs' family member financial overall performance. There are a number of economic and non-financial methods which can be used to determine a club's relative size – including procedures of attendance, fanbase, transmitted audience, or on-pitch achievement. In the Cash League we all focus on clubs' ability to create revenue every day football operations. We consequently rank these people on all those revenues, which include matchday ticket and corporate food sales, broadcast rights profits including allocation from involvement in Euro club tournaments, sponsorship, promoting, and other commercial operations.

Hardy perennials Actual Madrid again top the bucks League rankings, matching the eight 12 months hegemony that Manchester Usa enjoyed among 1996/97 and 2003/04, and they are the initial club to surpass the €500m income threshold in a single year. Real have led the way in the remarkable level of income growth loved by the sport's top golf clubs over the past twenty years. FC Barcelona retain second place, preserving a The spanish language one-two in the Money Little league for your fourth successive season, whilst the best six night clubs remain unrevised for a 5th successive yr, emphasising the simple fact that these golf clubs have some with the largest fanbases and hence most effective revenues, in both home-based and foreign markets. Our top 20 night clubs are situated in one of Europe's ‘big five' European market segments – England (seven clubs), Italy (5), Germany (4), Spain (2), and Italy (2). Even more down the top 20 rankings, most of the movements in rankings every year can be due to relative functionality in Euro club competitions. This year's edition has one fresh entrant, with English club Newcastle United replacing The spanish language club Valencia.

Growing very well 2011/12 symbolized another good year of revenue expansion for the Game's top notch clubs, while using top 20 Money League golf clubs generating over €4. eight billion in 2011/12, a 10% enhance on the previous year. Double-digit percentage income growth in 2011/12 presents continued incredibly strong performance in these hard economic moments. The 2011/12 revenue total is 4 times the combined earnings of the top 20 earning football clubs back in 1996/97, the first 12 months of our Cash League analysis, emphasising the staggering levels of growth achieved. The sport's top 20 income generating night clubs now add over a 1 / 4 of the total revenues from the European sports market, and can be expected to create over €5 billion between them in 2012/13. Whilst in local foreign currency, eight with the top 20 golf equipment experienced a drop in revenue, generally this was due to less successful on-pitch functionality in Western european club contests, and ensuing reductions in matchday revenues and central UEFA distributions, rather than wider recessionary impacts. 2

Real progress In retaining top position in the Money Group, Real Madrid generated revenues of €513m in 2011/12, an increase of €33m (7%), and become the first team from any sport to earn...



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