Biology Planning and Design Research laboratory Experiment

 Biology Preparing and Design Lab Try things out Essay


Date: as well as /

Syllabus Matter:


A glass of milk lasts longer in cold temperature ranges.


To determine a better range of temp for keeping a glass of dairy.

Apparatus and Materials:

•2-100cm3 beakers

•2-500cm3 beakers



•Hot drinking water



1 ) Obtain two clean 100cm3 beakers and 2 clean 500cm3 beakers. 2 . Add 50cm3 of milk to each 100cm3 beaker.

3. Labeled the 100cm3 beakers, A and B.

4. Label the 500cm3 beakers, C and D.

5. Create a into C and load C with ice to the level of dairy in A and cover with plate. 6. Place B into Deb and fill D with hot water up to the level of dairy in M and cover with menu. 7. Examine both sets of milk every 30 minutes and record observations within a suitable desk.

Expected Results:

The a glass of milk in the hot water (beaker setup B & D) ought to spoil first, because based on the speculation; a glass of milk lasts longer in cold temperatures.

Beaker setupScent following 1 a few minutes Scent following 2 hours Scent after 3 hr A & C

W & D


Controlled Variables: Identify them

Manipulated Variables: Identify them

Limitations: Whatever may have affected the lab, nevertheless which is not below your control eg. the weather.

Sources of Error: Anything that may have got affected the lab, that migth be under your control eg. incorrect measurements.

Assumptions: if you made an supposition in order to style your laboratory within a particular framework then simply please record it.


Explain how come you designed the physical exercise the way you did (include information concerning the syllabus topic to aid your reasons). Give theory which pertains to your test. Support your expected benefits using your theory.



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