Essay upon casualties

Poetry Evaluation: John Self defense Clark's " The Casualities"

Considered the many lyrical amongst fellow Nigerian poets, John Pepper Clark-Bekederemo writes poetry with superb artistry and descriptive power; singular for the attention it draws to it own locality because of its imagery and ideology. His poems reflect the blend of the European tradition he acquired as well as the cultural history he obviously inherited. Steve Pepper Clark's " The Casualties” is known as after a assortment of poems simply by J. P. Clark. Clark, among his contemporaries is hailed to get " more simple, down-to-earth in the imagery, even more visual and descriptive and less complex, and therefore more African. ” The poem take into account 1966, enough time of the City War in Nigeria. Biafra wanted to be free and independent. This war considerably affected the most popular people who were suffering terribly. The uprise failed plus the problem was silenced. The poet claims that the causalities are not only those are lifeless, for they are far from the disastrous consequences with the war. Not only are they those who are injured though they can be well on the route to death. They wait burial by installments as death is the Ultimate escapism. It is not just those who have shed their material assets and property, it is additionally those who have irretrievably lost their near and dear types. It is those who long heart-rendingly for a contact. The casualties are not only all those led away by the law at night, you can the concern about the cell. To some it may be a cruel place, to others it may function as a dreamland. Furthermore, the casualties are not only those who began a fire and this cannot now extinguish the flame. This can be any sort of rumour or perhaps issue that kindles a controversy or sparks communal violence. The scapegoats are the ignorant who had simply no say inside the matter, plus they are the victims of the flames. They are also those who escape the war, for they reside in the shattered shell of its aftermath. They always have the walls falling against all of them. These alleged diplomats remain smug inside their rooms smoking cigarettes. (J. G. Clark was also a diplomat). 'Smoking' aside from its literal meaning likewise connotes the means of relieving tension by using a short-cut. This kind of stanza identifies the causalities of the conflict in an satrical and cynical stance. These types of so-called ‘casualties' exist outside the scene of ravage and wreckage. Instead of being the emissaries of peace, these are the emissaries of rift. They are really smug ensuite smoking. In this article the term ‘smoking' apart from it is literal that means may also connote the meaning of alleviating anxiety using an easy method. They cannot view the funeral fire consuming the forests or perhaps natural vegetation. They are not able to have a far-sighted watch. They are the roaming minstrels who beating around the drums with the human heart, enjoying human-sensitivity to certain problems. These travel humanity into a frenzy that may be unfamiliar to its standard nature itself. These percussion possess a electricity overwhelm also guns. Were thus caught in a damage of fees and counter-claims. When not in the niche other folks have left,

All of us fall,

Every causalities in the war,

The ‘niche' known here is that of being " politically correct". Those who are politically correct are therefore within a ‘safe corner'. People are captured in the hate of communities, or so concerned about a cause that they can see only the tumultuous throngs; nobody can notice each other speak. Nobody perceives the innocent individual encounters who will be unnecessarily made the subjects. This is very significant in the modern-day context of terrorism. To learn or certainly not know the level of wrong on each of the sides is definitely not a couple of concern for them. " Were characters now”: we do not provide an existence of the own. Nevertheless we seem to be the " stay- at- home”, we could unsettled simply by reports of inflation, taxation, rumours and so forth By taxes and chisme, the looter for workplace

And wares, fearful every day the owners may come back,

We are all casualties,

All drooping as are

The situation...



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