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Chlorofluorocarbons are non-toxic, nonflammable chemical compounds that are mainly utilized in the making of aerosols, blowing providers for foams and taking materials, because solvents, as refrigerants. They are classified as Halocarbons, a class of substances that contain co2 and tungsten-halogen atoms, and are amongst a group of substances referred to as " green house gases". They eat aside at our ozone and raise the heat of our world significantly, causing detrimental injury to our planet.

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) are a man-made substance that did not recently exist for the industrial area. They are a product or service of a collaboration of 3 American firms В– Frigidaire, General Power generators, and I Pont -- after a group of fatal accidents during the 1920's where poisonous gases, (Methyl Chloride), employed as chemicals leaked coming from refrigerators. Jones Midgley, Jr. of Basic Motors first synthesized CFC's in 1928, and later, on December thirty-one, 1928, Frigidaire was given the first patent for this formula. CFC's went within the trade term of Freon (11 and 12), qualified by Man Pont, and by 1935, that they and their competitors had offered over 8-10 million fresh refrigerators in america containing the substance. As a result of CFC security record pertaining to non-toxicity, specially when compared to those of previously used chemicals for coolants, Freon started to be the preferred material in significant air-conditioning systems. Public health requirements in many American cities had been even modified to requirement the use of Freon. Soon afterwards the production and use of CFC's took off, starting from propellants pertaining to bug defense tools, paints, locks conditioners, and in air-conditioning in automobiles. (See appendices 1) Peak total annual sales in the product throughout the world reached above one billion dollars dollars US, and more then one million metric tons were produced.

CFC's at ground level happen to be perfectly safe, being inert at reduce atmospheric amounts, but they carry out undergo a substantial reaction in the upper ambiance...



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