Theater Secureness Decision-Making

 Theater Protection Decision-Making Essay


Newport, RI

Theater Security Decision Making (TSDM)

TSDM Week 19: Midterm Exam.


Chime Benjamin M


A Midterm paper published to the Teachers of the Nautico War School The concepts/topics to be mentioned include; Prevention and diplomacy, Global Problems, and Economic Tool of power. The contents on this paper echo my own personal opinions and are definitely not endorsed by the Naval Battle College or maybe the Department of the Navy.

Exec Summary

Changing America's security for the 21st century will demand a longstanding commitment from our country and its particular leaders. Change is an endeavor that must be embraced in earnest today. The problems the Nation faces involve safeguarding our essential bases of operation, such as most critical foundation of operation, the US homeland and projecting and sustaining US pushes in faraway anti-access surroundings. They entail assuring US information systems and featuring persistent monitoring, tracking, and rapid engagement of enemy forces and capabilities. The usa will catch the strategic initiative in all areas of protection activity guaranteeing, dissuading, deterring, and defeating. Our first priority is a defeat of direct dangers to the United states of america. The United States need to defeat the most dangerous challenges early including a safe distance, before they are allowed to mature. The NMS establishes three supporting armed forces concepts to safeguard the United States against external attacks and out and out aggression; prevent discord and shock attack; and prevail against adversaries. The concepts to get discussed consist of; Deterrence and diplomacy, Global Challenges, and Economic Application of electric power. Deterrence & Diplomacy:

A policy of deterrence has ceased to be adequate to protect the United States against weapons of mass damage. The major organizations of American countrywide security had been designed in a unique era to meet different requirements. The dangers and opponents have changed and so need to our corporations. Cold War Era soldires must be changed to focus more on how a great adversary may possibly fight rather than where so when a war might happen. " The aim of deterrence is usually to prevent hostile action or WMD use by ensuring that, in the brain of a potential adversary, the potential risks of the actions outweigh the advantages, while taking into consideration the consequences of inaction” (Bunn, 2007 pg. 2). The broad stock portfolio of military capabilities need to include the ability to defend the homeland, carry out information operations, ensure US access to isolated theaters, and protect crucial US system and assets in space. New approaches to warfare incorporate: strengthening joint operations, taking advantage of US intelligence advantages, and taking full advantage of technology and technology. In the Cold War Era, weapons of mass break down were considered weapons of last resort in whose use endangered the destruction of those whom used them. Today, each of our enemies discover weapons of mass destruction as weapons of choice. Intended for rogue says these guns are tools of violence and military aggression against their neighbors. These guns may also let these says to attempt to blackmail the US and our allies to prevent us from removing or repelling the aggression of rogue states. This kind of states likewise see these weapons as their best ways of overcoming the conventional superiority with the US. Traditional concepts of deterrence will not work against a terrorist enemy whose avowed methods are wanton destruction as well as the targeting of innocents. Diplomacy: The Armed forces must take the lead in managing our bilateral interactions with other government authorities. Its persons and organizations must be in a position to interact evenly skillfully with nongovernmental organizations and worldwide institutions. " Military diplomacy brings every instruments of power to endure to develop interactions and form partnerships” (Reveron, 2008, pg. 46). For instance , The US will probably continue...



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