Civilize Them with a Stick

 Civilize Them with a Stick Essay

Travis Weight

Sociology 150

25 September 2011

Memo #1 " Civilize Them With A Stick”

In the short article " Civilize Them With A Stick” Martha Dog publishes articles about her experiences in a catholic boarding school as a child. The light race in American had a goal to civilize or perhaps integrate the Native Americans to the whites rules and beliefs starting in 1879. These people were doing this hence the Native Americans became apart from the dominant society, which then was the whites society in America. They will took the Native American children off their homes and from their households and placed them in boarding universities. Thousands of children were forced to live in these types of boarding schools their entire adolescent years. The children were abused during these so-called " boarding schools”. Many Natives now assess this episode to the Fascista concentration camps during world war II. The children acquired very rigid rules and schedules. Their very own schedule usually went while followed, " Six A. M., kneeling in cathedral for a couple of hours; seven o' clock, lunch break; eight o' clock, scrub the floor, peel spuds, produce classes” (Dog 565). In case the children failed to listen or were to go against any guidelines they would become swatted often by the nuns with a wood made stick. Also they were put into a dark boarded up room while only becoming fed breads and drinking water for a week. The children were only capable of see their families for just seven days out of the 365 in the year. A large number of children attempted to run away from the boarding university, but in the end were located and brought back and then right away swatted which has a wooden supports. As children got larger and more mature they had thoughts about struggling back. Martha Dog, mcdougal was person to fight back and ended up hitting one of her priests hard after your woman tried to stand for one of her fellow classmates. Your woman was soon kicked out. The priest she strike ended up after realizing just how bad the boarding institution was treating the Native Americans and started standing up for them. Mary Dog wrote this kind of...



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