Schools in Bangladesh

 Schools in Bangladesh Essay


School| Location| Syllabus| Est. | Levels| Admission


Baisari High School| Baisari, Banaripara, Barisal District| Syllabus| 1880| | | Chittagong

School| Location| Syllabus| Est. | Levels| Entrance


A M Substantial School| Oskhali, Hatiya| | | |

Chittagong Law enforcement Institution| Dampara, Chittagong| Bangla National Curriculum| | Course Six to SSC| January| Daffodil Intercontinental School (DIS)| 1222/1123, Arena Road, Chandpur-3600[1]| CIE, Edexcel & NCTB| 2008| Enjoy Group to SSC| January-December| Western Intercontinental School and College| 462, (Near Cda Market) Hazi Amanat Ullah Road, Phartoly| Bangla Channel National Curriculum| 2010| Perform Group-Class Eight| January| Cantonment English School & College| Bayzid Bostami, Chittagong- 4210| English Medium National Curriculum| 1998| Play Group -- Class XII| January| Bangladesh Elementary School| M. M Ali Street, Dampara| | 1995| Perform Group-A levels| August| Khawja Ajmeri Excessive School| Mogoltuli, Agrabad, Chittagong| | 1993| Play Group-Class 10| January| Pologround High School| Pologround| Bangla Method National Curriculum| 1953| Course 1 to 10| January| Chickdair Excessive School| Chickdair Raozan, Chittagong| | 1980| Class you to 10| | Chittagong Model School & College| 4209, Khulshi, Nasirabad, Around Cpi| Syllabus National Curriculum| 2006| 6 to 10| January to December| Nasirabad Government Large School| Nasirabad, Chittagong| Syllabus National Curriculum| 1967| Five to Class 10| January| Muslim Education Society Large School| Nojir Ahmed Chowdury Road, Chittagong| Syllabus National Curriculum| 1907| Play Group to School 10| January. | Agrabad Government Nest High School| Agrabad, Chittagong| | 1960| | | Bauria G. K. Academy| Bauria, Sandwip. Chittagong| Syllabus National Curriculum| 1950| Category 6 to Class 10| January| Burischar High School| Burischar| | | |

Child Nirvana School| Site Zakir Hossain Road| | | | | Chittagong Urea Fertilizer School and College| Rangadia, Anowara| | | | | Chittagong Public University and College| Chittagong Cantonment, Chittagong| | | | | Chittagong Collegiate School| | | 1836| |

Cox's Transaction Govt. Excessive School| Cox's Bazar, sadar| Bangla Channel National Curriculum| 1874| Class 6-SSC| | J. M. Senior School & College| Kotowali, Chittagong| Syllabus Bangla Medium| 1913| Class Enjoy to Hsc| January| Chittagong Government Substantial School| | | 1903| |

Chittagong Government Muslim High School| Kotowali, Chittagong| Syllabus National Curriculum| 1907| Class a few – Category 10| January| Khulshi Cherry wood Grammar School| Khulsi| Syllabus Kg School| 1992| Play Group – Class 8| January| Chittagong Grammar School| Campus one particular: Chattasweri Street, Campus 2: Sarson Valley, Campus a few: Sarson Road| | 1992| Pre-Play Group- A Levels| | Shaheen College, Chittagong| Chittagong Shaheen| | 1975| | | Port Specialist High School, Ctg| Inside Of Interface Area| | 1959| | | Sunlight Grammar School[2]| Chittagong| | 1985| Kindergarten – A levels| | Chittagong International School| | | | |

Chittagong Municipal Model High School| | | 1880| | | Cider International School| 53/a, Nasirabad Professional Area| Syllabus English Medium| 1997| Nursery-A levels| First Term: August, Final Term: December| Abdur Rahman Authorities Girls' Substantial School| Patiya| | | | | A H Rahat Ali High School| Patiya| | | |

B. N. School and College| | | | |

Bangladesh Mohila Shomiti Young ladies High School| | | | | | Ispahani Public Institution & College| Location Zakir Hossain Road| Syllabus Chittagong Education Board| 1979| | | Very little Jewels School| Katalgonj, Pachlaish| Syllabus English language Medium| 1974| Play Group to A-Level| | Saint Scholastica's Girls' High School| Location| Syllabus Bangla Medium| 1883| | | Faujderhat Collegiate...



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