Contagious Disease Paper

 Communicable Disease Paper


Communicable Disease

Michael Elizabeth Aponte

Mentor Steiner

School of Phoenix az

HCS 457

Chickenpox can be described as highly contagious virus named the varicella-zoster virus and closely resembles the herpes virus. The virus could be released in the air by simply coughing or sneezing, growing the malware from person to person. The virus also can be spread by touching the liquids from a chickenpox sore. Chickenpox is so contagious that an individual who never had exposure to chickenpox has a 80% possibility of obtaining the disease when in close exposure to an infected individual. According to Pub Med Wellness (2009) " Most children with chickenpox act sick, with symptoms for instance a fever, headache, tummy ache, or loss in appetite and the average kid develops 250 to five-hundred small , itchy, fluid-filled montage over red spots on the skin” (p. 1). Simply after the chickenpox blisters have got formed scabs the individual is no longer contagious. Chickenpox infects many people coming from all ages and races and may produce deadly side effects. " Each year in the us, 4, 000 to being unfaithful, 000 persons are in the hospital with chickenpox, and up to 100 persons die. All those at top risk for problems are newborns, persons with weakened defense systems, and adults” (DHPE, 2010, g. 1). Chickenpox has no known cure. The varicella-zoster computer virus remains in the body for life and will induce the condition shingles. Shingles happens fibres making a painful skin allergy known as shingles. Complications by chickenpox include sk in infections, encephalitis, and hepatitis. The computer virus is most hazardous for expecting mothers because it might cause stillbirths and even infection from the newborn during birth. Conditions and university sessions along with overcrowding are environmental factors in charge of the spread of the varicella-zoster virus. Environmental Factors Analysts have discovered that the varicella-zoster virus raises throughout the autumn months and reduces during the summer season. The computer virus decreases in the summer because youngsters are out of faculty decreasing the spread in the virus coming from child to child. It only takes one kid in a classroom to contract chickenpox for this to propagate and trigger an epidemic of 90% of children becoming infected (Net Industries, 2011). An overloaded environment will spread the virus in epidemic proportions. Once attacked with the varicella-zoster virus the body is immune system to another break out. The epidemiology of chickenpox is lessening dramatically because of vaccinations. Prevention Before the chickenpox vaccine, kids would perish from the disease and others might suffer from encephalitis resulting in extreme brain destruction. Whe n the vaccine was released to the public, it had been never supposed to prevent chickenpox, only created to prevent serious symptoms and death. In line with the CDC (2011) " The chickenpox vaccine is the best method to prevent chickenpox. Vaccination not only protects vaccinated persons, it also reduces the danger for coverage in the community pertaining to persons not able to be vaccinated because of condition or other conditions, including those who could possibly be at better risk for severe disease” (p. 1). The chickenpox shot has been effective in protecting 11 away of doze individuals who obtain the vaccination. " In the United States, kids receive two doses from the varicella shot, the first between age ranges 12 and 15 months and the second between age ranges 4 and 6 years within the routine years as a child immunization schedule” (Mayo Medical clinic, 2010, l. 2). The hope is that chicken pox will be taken away through vaccines ensuring top quality health for anyone. If an person contracts chickenpox after vaccination the disease can be mild and later lasts a couple of days. Community Programs Community immunization programs are important to eliminating the varicella-zoster virus and preventing the spread throughout the community, guaranteeing quality sumado a health. Community immunization programs are reducing the occurrences...

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