Comparison Essay

 Comparison Article

Bryan Byars

Mr. Shimon

Honors Globe Literature and Composition

11 October 2012

The Wise Old Man

Imagine if all of the great young leaders had no experts, no aged sense of reality and experience. Agamemnon would have turned his again on Achilles, which would have resulted in losing not only his own existence, but the lack of the Trojan's War. California king ThГ©oden would have turned his back about Gondor, causing the imminent destruction of Central Earth (wikia. com). In the Lord of the Rings, Gandalf is depicted as the wise old fart, as Nestor is to the Achaian armed service in The Iliad. Though the two fictional sides are very several, Gandalf and Nestor are still very identical.

In the two famous functions of literary works and in many other great stories, the archetypal character in the wise old man comes up again and again. The sensible old man is an older man who had been once wonderful himself if he was aged is now an experienced advisor and warrior. He gives crucial advice in times of war and life changing decisions. In The Iliad Nestor is definitely the voice of reason inside the Achaian army. When Agamemnon is scolded by the goodness Apollo and he is forced to give up the beautiful priestess of Apollo, he attempts for taking the prize of Achilles. Nestor steps in to tell the great king that if this individual does therefore , he will reduce his life and the best battle in history. Agamemnon, even though a great innovator himself, would have been shed without the guidance of smartest man in the Achaian military (Homer). Although King ThГ©oden is king of Rohan, Desabrimiento Wormtongue place the great head under his spell. Whether it were not intended for the great wizard's voice of reason, Sauron would have singed Rohan, Helm's Deep, Gondor and possibly possibly Middle The planet (lord-of-the-rings. org). In this way these two great older guys are very identical.

Though these two great men are very identical characters and serve almost the exact same purpose in their reports, they are different in many ways too. In the past of the wisest person of the Achaian...

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