Nationwide Toll Collection System

 National Toll Collection Program Essay

Transport and Telecommunication

Volume. 9, No 2, 2008

Transport and Telecommunication, 08, Volume on the lookout for, No two, 24–38 Transfer and Telecommunication Institute, Lomonosov 1, Riga, LV-1019, Latvia


Electric motor Transport Commence JagielloЕ„ska Str. 80, Warsaw, 03–301, Especially Phone: +48 228113231 ex. 134. Email-based: gabriel. [email protected] waw. pl The newspaper refers to a few problems of worldwide applications in electronic toll collection systems for motorways and expressways. According to Directive 2004/52/EC, these types of systems will need to use more than one of the following technologies: satellite tv positioning, cellular communications making use of the GSM-GPRS standard (reference GSM TS goal. 60/23. 060) and five, 8 Gigahertz microwave technology. Authors include analysed the systems, which in turn meet these requirements, especially the states as follows: The United States of America, The japanese, Taiwan, Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Norway and Germany. Because of the analysis, it has turned out that only program using dish positioning technology and mobile communications (GSM/GPRS) is the best fee solution of unique capabilities and this kind of technologically advanced system must be implemented in Poland. Author will present the initial structure of GSM/GPS centered Toll Collection System for Poland. This sort of system has its own advantages. The first is absence of the need for fresh road system (gantries); providers can keep making use of the existing system. System works without cost booths, extra lanes, acceleration restrictions or perhaps complex set ups along cost roads. The second one is much larger flexibility in defining or changing repayment by simply redefining the " virtual" toll areas. It means ability to conform easily and quickly to changes in impose parameters (road classes, automobile types, release levels, instances slots, etc . ). The third advantage is the system's ability to support additional value-added solutions on the same technology platform. Keywords: Electronic Fee Collection (ECT), microwave technology, on-board device (OBU)

1 . Introduction

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) is actually a fairly fully developed technology that allows for electronic digital payment pertaining to motorways and expressways. An ETC strategy is able to determine if a car is registered in a toll payment program, notifies enforcers of toll payment violations, and debits the participating bank account. ETC is usually fast becoming a globally acknowledged method of fee collection, a trend significantly aided by the regarding interoperable AND SO FORTH technologies. Some of the benefits of AND MANY OTHERS include: – fuel cost savings; – decreased mobile emissions by reducing or removing deceleration, waiting times, and acceleration; – possible reduced drain on public funds, if the strategy is more self-sustaining or in case the system was built/run by way of a public-private collaboration arrangement. The EC's concentrate on is for every vehicles to be equipped with a great ETC field, linked to a regular contract for the owner/operator. Towards the end of each payment period, an individual invoice would be issued, protecting journeys through any of the member states. New electronic cost collection systems brought into services on or after the 1st of January, 3 years ago shall, for carrying out electronic toll orders, to use a number of of the subsequent technologies: dish positioning, mobile phone communications using the GSM-GPRS standard (reference GSM TS 03. 60/23. 060) and a few, 8 Gigahertz microwave technology. The above mentioned circumstances are incorporated into Directive 2004/52/EC of the Western Parliament associated with the Authorities of the twenty ninth of 04, 2004 on the interoperability of electronic street toll devices in the Community [4]. Certain requirements of that enquete will be implemented in Belgium based on the Act through the 28th of July, 2005 on changing act of public highways and some various other acts [11]. It stressed that toll collecting charge establishments should be able to accomplish electronic toll...

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