Critically Examine How Environmental Factors Influence on the Experiences and Life Situations of an Adult Who You Know, and How These kinds of Factors Effect That Person's Health, Well-being and Make use of Support by Others

 Critically Evaluate How Environmental Factors Effect on the Experiences and Life Situations of an Mature Who You already know, and How These Factors...

Critically evaluate how environmental factors effect on the experiences and life occasions of an mature who you understand, and how these types of factors affect that individual's health, wellness and utilization of support via others.

I will discuss a great eighty two year old woman who also I am going to call up Mrs Jones (her brand has been converted to protect her identity). Mrs Smith may be the middle of 5 children, that has lived every her live in the Southern of Great britain. She hitched at nineteen and had several children, all whom are actually grown up, happily married and with children of their own, giving her ten grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. Mrs Smith's partner died over 10 years ago and she has lived on her own since that time. In this article I am will be drawing on five environmental perspectives, person environments, personal and family members relationships, physical environments, community and cultural environments as well as the impact of poverty about health, and you will be looking at just how each of these points of views have influenced on Mrs Smith's lifestyle experiences, the influences they may have had onto her health and just how she accesses support coming from others.

Specific environments can impact on the health and/or long life of Mrs Smith. There is certainly evidence to suggest that, generally, people are living longer lives than they were doing in centuries past. Victor (2005) set by England and Wales in 1901 ‘some forty percent of all deaths were made up by kids aged 0-14' (Reader, web page 69). Simply by 2008, 83% of fatalities were accounted for by all those aged sixty five and over; Mrs Smith is definitely therefore more likely to live a longer life now than she can expect if she had been born in 1830 instead of 1930. There is evidence to suggest that women tend to live longer than men and factors including healthy weight loss plans, not ingesting or cigarette smoking and exercise can also have an impact on longevity. Dr Tom Perls recommended that ‘some people seem to have a genetic proneness to aging more slowly' (LG 6. 1) and, as a non-smoking, healthy-eating, teetotal who home gardens regularly and with parents who existed well into their 90s, Mrs Smith could be expected to be very long-lived indeed. Up to 1998, Mrs Smith skilled very few medical problems other than regular childhood ailments and the need to have hospital treatment following complications at the birthday of her second child. Nevertheless , she designed arthritis in her knees in the late 1990s which had serious implications on her mobility. As a keen gardener Mrs Smith spent most of her days in her huge garden, developing all her own vegetables and fruit and tending a small flock of chickens. Her arthritic knees designed she identified this progressively more difficult and she relied heavily on her behalf husband to complete the more strenuous tasks of digging the garden. Once Mr Johnson (name converted to protect anonymity) died all of a sudden in 1998 Mrs Smith was devastated. Not only had her partner of nearly four died, the lady now had no one to help her with her much loved garden. Mrs Smith's kids do not live close enough to help her with the yard on a daily basis nonetheless they did visit regularly to assist her with whatever they could. They noticed that all their mother looked increasingly withdrawn and eventually asked her to go to the doctor. Mrs Smith was diagnosed with major depression and offered medication to help her with those symptoms. Although the doctor was dealing with the effects of Mrs Smith's depressive disorder he could not really do everything with the cause – the loss of her partner and her incapability to keep her garden clean. It was approximately Mrs Smith's children and a helpful neighbour to organise (and pay for) a local man to arrive every week to complete the heavy work in Mrs Smith's back garden for her. She was eventually given alternative knees by National Overall health Service (NHS) and was then capable to go back to carrying out most of her gardening function herself but she nonetheless relies on her gardener to do most of her digging and her children have taken above cutting her lawn on her when they check out. This has experienced the effect of producing...

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