Customer Satisfaction about Banking Servcer in Bangladesh

 Customer Satisfaction upon Banking Servcer in Bangladesh Essay


Customer satisfaction


Financial service



Customer satisfaction


Banking services

Submitted To:

Mr. Fuad Hasan

Assistant Professor

Advertising Studies & International Promoting.

University of Chittagong

Submitted By:

Maryland. Mohosin Chowdhury

BBA (4th year)

School Roll-5119

Examination Roll-2003/56

Session- 2002-2003

Marketing Studies & International Marketing.

University of Chittagong

DAY OF SUBMITTING: August 05, 2008

Notice of Submitting

August 05, 2008


Mr. Fuad Hasan

Assistant Professor,

Department of Marketing

School of Chittagong

Subject: Submitter of Term Paper Report.

Dear Friend,

It is a great enjoyment for me to send the Term daily news report on " Customer Satisfaction in Financial Service”. I actually am submitting this statement as a part of my personal B. B. A. System. This report will help the folks to find out related factors which influence their particular decision making to choose a lender with maximum satisfaction. I actually tried my personal best to collect relevant info for setting up a complete report by following Term paper proposal. Without the genuine co-operation and proper advice of you, it is not possible for me to organize the statement.

I hope you are going to asses my report considering the limitations and mistakes of the study. Your kind advice will motivate me to accomplish further exploration in future.


Sincerely yours

Md. Mohosin Chowdhury

M. B. A (4th Year)

Marketing Studies & Worldwide Marketing.

Class Roll Not any: 5119

Examination. Roll Zero: 2003/56

Program: 2002-2003

College or university of Chittagong.


To publish a term paper report is portion and courier of of our BBA system. With a view to shaping human abilities it is vital for a human being to amass practical expertise along with the assumptive exercises. With out practical expertise it is difficult to get a man to cope himself with a brand new environment.. This study system is a to some extent effort to enrich the knowledge in the students used field following the completion of our assumptive examination.

We am students of W. B. A., Department of Marketing. My matter is to measure the customer satisfaction in banking assistance. Though it is rather difficult to acquire all kinds of data from the firm and the market, I have attempted my level best to present a real picture of the circumstance of the financial environment.

In the present competitive industry, only the fittest and skilled business people will certainly survive. Presently time, BBA and MBA are very profitable degrees intended for the business personnel's and the distribution of term paper statement is a very important part with the BBA assessment. During the study period, the scholars get the opportunity to show their theoretical skill in functional field. In the event they complete it efficiently, they will be the future business ability and perform important role in trade, commerce, industrialization and future economical as well as system development of the region. I, as being a student of Marketing took this kind of opportunity and attempted to emphasis the every points of the subject.

This statement will provide some recommendation, that i believe my personal contribution for taking any cement decision. I possess given my efforts toward making it an ideal one.


In the beginning, I are supposed to express the gratefulness from the core of my personal heart towards the Term newspaper Supervisors professional Teacher Mr. Fuad Hasan, Assistant Professor, for featuring me detailed feedback and advice about this report. He always gave me his useful suggestions in making this study as faultless as possible. My deepest understanding also goes toward Mr. sanguinario and my own senior siblings for their general support throughout my university life that helped me making this report a better one.

In the preparation and finalization of the term paper report, I acknowledge the encouragement and assistance provided by a number of people and...



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