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From this unfair world, we all know there will be stronger people then you. In the French govt they would give the third property a really hard time. It all originated from a 20 year-old Ruler name Ruler Louis XVI, after his grandfather's death France this individual took the over the tub. In May 10th, 1774 this man didn't think twice just before he would do something, and was called the King of France.

The first stage ahead of the French Revolution, the Interpersonal class was separated by three estates. In the The french language Social Course, there was 3 known classes: The 1st estate, that was the Catholic Church, The second estate, that was the nobles, and the third estate known as the Middle course or the peasants. Now, the peasants were 98% with the French inhabitants. Which leaves the First/Second Estate which has a small percentage. According to source #4, third property would pay out approximately 50% of taxation. This implies that the first & second estate really didn't pay anything. Before the French Revolution, it was on how King Louis XVI obtained power, and how he didn't have no experience to be a leader of The french language. King John XVI was King John XV's grand son, who was two decades old. After King Louis XV's fatality, King Paillette XVI and his wife, Marie Antoinette overtook. King John XVI together with his later on spent lots of money in parties. This shows that a 20 year old can't be accountable being a leader of Portugal. Although, that isn't it, In respect to resource #2 King Louis XVI wanted payback with Britain by supporting the United States within their independence. Likewise, Louis supported the People in the usa with cash. This means, California king Louis XVI made foolish decisions with his money. Before the French Wave was when the American Innovation was still present. Since this Wave took six years, it's also really harsh to get King John XVI creating a short source with plants. This Innovation made The united kingdom change, recharging high taxation, prohibited to trade, and didn't have zero representatives in the...



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