Essay Week 1 Com 220

 Essay Week 1 Com 220

Amanda Smith

COM 220


Tendency, Rhetorical Gadgets, and Intrigue Essay

" The Perils of indifference” By simply: Elie Weisel

I chose to see the talk made by Elie Weisel regarding indifference around the globe today and the past. This kind of speech was very touching in my opinion and I believed demonstrated examples of Bias, Rhetorical equipment, and intrigue. Elie Weisel was able to interact with his listener by posting his sad and emotional experience. He then talked about various other instances where injustice took place around the world. Elie Weisel manufactured good arguments as to why we all we do and why we are not able to ignore these kinds of injustices. We need to stand up and fight against those who oppress. It is so easy to ignore a thing happening right next for you when it would not affect you. Live and enable live, may ask no longer tell, the things i cant observe cant hurt me... All these things we all say to themselves to feel happier about not standing up against evil. Feel better about being self-centered human beings. With this essay Let me discuss the several Arguments built, how these types of arguments and counter arguments were tackled and how effective Elie Weisel's speech was.

Elie Weisel begins his speech utilizing a rhetorical gadget and reveals his prejudice by yanking at the heart strings of the audience. He does this by posting his story in the third person. The story of a young boy who was just introduced from a Nazi concentration camp by the rage complete and disgusted American Troops. He uses Alliteration through the beginning of this speech talking about the trend that he and the American soldiers distributed for the Nazis. This kind of also revealed the listener his tendency, how could you know be bias when you knowledge such wicked first hand. In addition , he uses alliteration by simply continuing to work with the word appreciation throughout the beginning of the speech once again. The most common factor I saw throughout his presentation was Parallelism which are " sentences organised in a similar way to really succeed for someone to...



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