Doing Mission in Indio Context of Manipur, India

 Doing Mission in Hindu Context of Manipur, India Essay

DIONG objective in the framework of the HINDU meitei in manipur: the s. w. a., manipur:


Big t. Sonchung Koren

Department of Missiology

COTR Theological College, Visakhapatnam

13th September 08




1 . 1 . Significant Background Research about Manipur

1 . 1 ) 1 . Area

1 . 1 ) 2 . People Groups

1 ) 1 . three or more. Climate

1 . 1 . four. Religious History of Manipur

1 . installment payments on your The Origin of Christianity in Manipur


2 . 1 . Formation of the Paham Baptist Relationship

2 . installment payments on your Numbers of people groups in SBA

installment payments on your 3. Source of income for the Association

2 . 4. The statistic table of the Churches

2 . your five. Some of the hindrances face in doing Mission in SBA Circumstance

2 . a few. 1 . Negative Law and order situation in Manipur

2 . five. 2 . Tribe are considered to be inferior simply by Meitei Hindus

2 . your five. 3. Christianity is perspective as tribal and foreign religion

2 . 5. some. Economic and Languages bearers


3. 1 ) Important strategies/methods to do Quest in Manipur Context several. 1 . 1 . Contextualization

a few. 1 . 2 . Indigenization

3. 1 . 3. Wholistic Approach in Quest

3. 1 . 4 Holiday accommodation

3. 1 ) 5. Inculturation

3. 1 . 6. Inter- Religious Dialogue

3. 2 . Suggestions for doing Mission in Manipur Context

3. installment payments on your 1 . Plea, Healing and Miracles

3. 2 . 2 . Effective Evangelism

3. installment payments on your 3. Launching Cell group system

three or more. 2 . four. Developing a determined leadership

three or more. 2 . 5. Organizing musical technology concert



Unpublished Material




Doing Quest in Framework is deeply rooted inside the scriptures. It's the desire of God that every the people of diverse situations come towards the knowledge of Christ and be a member of the body system of Christ. Doing quest in context involves several methods and strategies but the ultimate purpose is to present the gospel of our Lord Jesus inside the context in the hearers, which is one of the most appropriate ways of undertaking mission in pluralistic context of Manipur among the Hindus. The main aim of this conventional paper is to exercise an appropriate strategies and strategies to do mission among the Hindu people in Manipur and present the gospel in their own framework. The presenter also deals with a glance of Manipur and individuals living presently there. The origin of Christianity as well as the formation with the ‘SBA, '[1] in Manipur are plainly explained. Besides these, the author also outlined out a number of the hindrances plus the suggestions for performing mission inside the context of Manipur.


1 . 1 . Important History Study regarding Manipur

1 . 1 . 1 . Land

" Manipur is a beautiful small state in Indian Union located in the ultimate North Asian part of the region. It is also one among the eight sisters state…. Jawaharlal Nehru, described Manipur as the " Jewel of the Nation. ” The Japanese army named it " A blossom on the hilltop. ” As well as the Manipuris known as it " Manipur Saludable Leipak” meaning Manipur the Land of Jewel. ” Manipur features total areas of 22, 356 Sq . kilometres., of which 20, 544 sq . km, happen to be hilly place and one particular, 812 sq . km, a valley.[2] Manipur lies in between 23. 50 to twenty-five. 41 North Latitudes, & 93. a couple of to 94. 47 East Longitudes.[3] For the better and easy operating of the administration of the Terrain, the whole Manipur Land can be divided into on the lookout for (nine) schisme.[4]

1 . installment payments on your People Teams

There are in least thirty six people teams in Manipur. The people of Manipur are classified extensively into the valley people and the hills people. Majority of the valley folks are ‘Meiteis, Pangals, Nepalis, Majangs, '[5] whereas the different tribal groups are in the slopes having their own unique dialects, traditions, customs and traditions. The tribes include various groups like Nagas, Kukis, Chin-Kukis, and some even more minority people with their personal unique and distinct culture, custom, traditions, and dialects etc ., which can make them one of a kind and distinctive from the other person....

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