DRM Display

 DRM Demonstration Essay

Presenting DRM Results:

Helping Executives Make Sense of DRM

Aleksey S. Popelyukhin, Ph. M.

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Conventions, Expectations 17

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This paper has been drafted as a part of the " the year 2003 CAS Doing work Party in Executive Level Decision Making applying Dynamic Risk Modeling” research project (see Acknowledgements).


Information… the main ingredient of decision making. Professionals are using a growing number of sophisticated tools to remove information through the data available. Unfortunately, those people who are skilled in leadership, management and making decisions – the senior management of a firm – aren't necessarily competed in advanced math concepts and figures. Forgivably, the senior supervision team could quite possibly be unfamiliar with the concepts, terminology and notation utilized in modern economical analysis. As a result, it is up to actuaries – the most proficient DRM experts – to present results of their studies to the management inside the most available and accurate way. Sadly, it is easier in theory. Presenting effects of Powerful Risk Building requires filigree techniques, deep knowledge of the niche and even some artistic skills in order to make that happen delicate balance of technology and advertising campaign, which comprises successful presentation. (Thinking of a presentation being a form of advertising may be new to actuaries, but an ability to sell the results of a examine is quickly becoming a necessary skill). 2 weeks . very narrow path without a doubt. One incorrect choice in level of details or graph type or even color plus the audience can be lost. However, modern offering tools are incredibly rich and flexible that, with careful utilization of those tools, it is possible expressing any believed, any idea, and any concept. The following text is definitely an attempt to create a guide for aspiring DRM presenters. Anatomy of a Demonstration

Skeleton (Text)

Any display is an effort to express thoughts and deliver a message. Although visuals (charts, graphs and animations) within the slide help enormously, they are really nevertheless just an aid. The written text still continues to be the best device for the job. For the high quality presentation, although, not any textual content suffices: chinese of a presentation has to be correct, concise that help to emphasize. •Precise. Every statement in a display slide must be correct: a presenter can not sacrifice precision for convenience sake. It is not an easy task to make precise terms for the group that may not even be familiar with the terminology, but it really has to be carried out. Perhaps, the best solution from this situation is by using analogies. Yet , analogies must be sophisticated enough and – sorry intended for the repetition – correct. •Concise. The written text on the 35mm slides has to be laconic and short and snappy: it is practically impossible to obtain enough interest from the target audience of multi-tasking, super-busy, patience-lacking, fast-reacting administration types. Enough time invested in shortening every topic in the display will pay back again handsomely: foodstuff for thoughts is better broken down when portions are exact. •Emphasize. Just about every presentation is usually an advertising campaign: the main communication has to be undoubtedly accentuated. Certainly, a presenter is advertising his viewpoint, conclusions from the study or recommendation to get particular decision – there exists absolutely nothing drastically wrong with some emphasis. Every speaker has 3 major time-tested presentation techniques at his disposal: analogy, humor and...

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