Thermal Physics Ib Dp Lab

 Thermal Physics Ib Dp Lab Article

DP Physics IA Energy physics: Specific Heat Capacity of Metals


In this research we are going to measure the specific temperature capacity of any unknown material. To gauge the specific temperature capacity we all will warm up the steel to selected temperature and release the metal in beaker filled up with water. By simply knowing the mass and temperature of normal water filled in beaker, we will be able to calculate the specific capacity of unknown metallic by change in temperature of beaker required with normal water.


Perhaps that with this experiment all of us will get particular heat potential little bit reduce that the real specific high temperature capacity in the metal. The reason is , there will be a lot of energy damage during the test. For example you will have energy reduction between taking metal out of water heater and putting it within the water, and energy copy to beaker while the heat is rising.



Independent changing: specific high temperature capacity of unknown material Dependent varying: temperature go up of drinking water

Controlled variables: law of physics


1, you can put unknown material into the beaker of drinking water.

2, high temperature the material and beaker of drinking water with Bunsen burner. (do not allow the metal touch the glass) 3, remove the metallic when it is heated enough.

5, place it within beaker stuffed with water which has been kept at constant temperatures. 5, measure temperature of water filled in beaker after few minutes 6, repeat 1~5 4 times

DATA TABLE 1: Collected data needed for calculation

| Trial 1| Trial 2| Trial 3| Trial 4

Temperature. of the drinking water inгЂЂthe calorimeter (в„ѓ)В±0. 5| 24. 0| 24. 0| 24. 0| 26. 0| Mass in the water inside the calorimeter(g) В±0. 05| ninety two. 41| 91. 40| ninety two. 26| 92. 62| Mass of the steel (g) В±0. 05| 99. 85| 100. 06| 99. 85| 95. 06| Preliminary temp. from the heated metal in beaker (в„ѓ) В±0. 5| ninety-seven. 0| 97. 8| 95. 8| 96. 0| Last temp. from the metal and water(в„ѓ) В±0. 5| thirty-two. 0| twenty six. 0| 29. 0| 28. 0| Difference in temp. from the water (в„ѓ)| 8. zero...



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