Ethical Relativism

 Ethical Relativism Essay

Ethical relativism is a concept that our moral values usually are set in stone. They can be determined by who have we are, where we live, what hundred years we were created in, or perhaps what section of the world our company is located. Undoubtedly, those people who live now in the year 2009 may not agree with the practices of slavery that had been widely used inside the 1800's. Even more than in the past, we could we see this across the map. In The african continent, slaves remain used for hard labor and paid little if any kind of wages whatsoever. Although, the usa knows about these practices, they don't agree with all of them and do not employ slavery as a method of labor. In this discussion about moral relativism, we all will also go over cultural, ethical relativism. Moral relativism can be used all across the board making decisions around the world. The great and bad must be acessed in based on the situation. Relativism is a view that the simple truth is a matter of opinion. It’s not defined simply by some sort of black and white, right and wrong, it's possible type response. These landscapes are dependant on what that individual is familiar with according with their culture. Whereas a " thumbs up” in America is regarded as a good thing, far away it is considered rude and similar to the form or perhaps giving someone the ring finger. Belching after a meal is recognized as rude in the united states, however in Asia; you will be rude never to belch after your meals is finished. It happens to be complimentary to the cook. The other side of relativism is specific relativism. This is certainly a view that believes that truth is a matter of individual opinion. Shannon agrees with Lindsay that capitol punishment can be wrong, yet , Shannon is convinced that it is incorrect no matter what, but Lindsay thinks it is only wrong unless that individual committed murder. To each of those, their thoughts and opinions is correct. This is individual relativism and seems to be much harder to prove in a discussion such as this. There are many arguments against moral and cultural relativism. If a person is from two distinct cultures...

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