Fossil fuels are definitely the main resources in many countries. But in some countries the use of option sources of energy is encouraged. Could it be a positive or perhaps negative advancement?

 Fossil fuels are definitely the main sources in many countries. But in some countries the use of option sources of energy is encouraged. Can it be a...

Combined with rapid advancement society, a critical of complications have developed, one of which can be the shortage of sources of strength. A sizable percentage of people contain the opinion that traditional energy such as petroleum and character gas should be maintained while some encourage people to use changeable energy. ?nternet site see it, the new type of energy should be liked.

People who support this issue have their own causes. In the first place, it is obvious that fossil fuels will be non-renewable energy in away earth. The overall fossil fuels are limited and if we consume them too much and swiftly, the source would be tired in the near future. What is more serious is that it even exerts a great influence for the survival of offspring of human being. Furthermore, using fossil fuel an excessive amount of may lead to significant air pollution. Most fuels will be reacted with oxygen gas and then emit a mass of emission. This squander gas contaminates our ambiance and cause respiratory disease. In contrast, substitute energy such as wind power, solar power is clean and renewable energy. What the most significant point is that it has the lower price which can be easily recognized by normal citizens.

Nevertheless , those who support the counter-argument persuade that non-renewable fuels are more significant. Firstly, non-renewable fuels are the primary kind of source of energy which is used in every element of our lifestyle. From people's daily lives to the most advanced technology, coming from foods to necessities, almost everything cannot exist without the non-renewable fuels. They play a vital role in our daily life. Secondly, to governmental level, innovation and application of new alternative energy needs a great sum of money. Now days the utilizations of breeze power and solar power continue to be limited because of the uncompleted solutions and huge purchase.

In conclusion, In my opinion that alternate sources of strength should be urged even if they have disadvantage to some degree. Not only since it is renewable and clean strength, but...



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