France and The english language Revolution

 Essay regarding French and English Innovation

Thousands of revolutions took place over the course of the

history of the world. These revolutions have changed the governmental policies, history, and

all other areas of civilization of certain groupings. Most revolutions follow a

basic set mixture of events: a leader is overthrown, radical and extremist

teams take control to get a period of time, and after that the government is

eventually restored to it's original express. Both the English language and French

Revolutions followed this simple formula with assorted differences along the

way. The English Trend which happened in the seventeenth century,

plus the French Wave, which took place in the late eighteenth century to

early nineteenth century, both share many similarities and differences with

one another.

One likeness of both revolutions was the causes: economic problems.

Equally King Charles I and Louis XVI were going through debt because of

financial concerns left behind via previous monarchs. Both kings placed the

extreme duty burdens around the already poor peasants which will further angered and

oppressed them. The two kings was required to summon on Parliament plus the Estates

General to raise revenue. Both monarchs attempted to work with force to maintain

their electrical power but ultimately lost towards the liberal folks who wanted a reformed

govt. The extremist period of both English and French Cycles

consisted of a semi-dictator; Cromwell in England and Robespierre in France,

who also set up a totalitarian military state. Last but not least, both the English and French

had to accomplish two tries at developing a constitutional monarchy in

order to finally have a stable, lasting govt.

In both the British and The french language Revolutions the monarch was the

establishment becoming revolted against. In the English language revolution it absolutely was more of

the Parliament rebelling against the monarchy whereas inside the French

Revolution the peasants were the strongest and many motivated factors for...



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