God vs . Traditional God Ares

 God or Greek The almighty Ares Essay

Ares is the Ancient greek god of war. The God from the Bible is different than the Greek god Ares in many ways. The primary differences among Ares and God would be the following: their various opinions about war, their very own morality, just how trustworthy they are, difference about how they are liked and like, one is self-centered and not perfect while the different is the reverse on the two. Also the first is defeated conveniently, and the other is undefeatable. Their performances and how they are portrayed and written about are incredibly different. Ares has a lust for bloodshed and conflict. God however abhors bloodshed and war. Ares loves it the moment there is hardship and bloodshed. God, though war can be not something He desires to happen, knows that it is necessary for different happenings to occur. Ares works like a human. He is selfish, imperfect, and lustful. He could be anthropomorphic. God is perfect. He's not self-centered and does not lust. " He is the Rock, his works will be perfect, and everything his methods are just. A faithful The almighty who does no wrong, upright and just is usually he. ”1 Ares was not trusted quickly. He was certainly not trusted by other Ancient greek gods or by the majority of humans. Our god on the other hand could be trusted because He is perfect. The Israelites earned many fights because that they trusted in God. Our god was loved by his people. They put their very own full turn to Him. " In you, Lord my personal God, We put my own trust. ”2 Ares was greatly terrifying by his worshippers. Having been known for his temper and violence. Having been not trusted or liked like Our god can be dependable. Ares experienced no morality. He served out in untamed violence. This individual wanted chaos, bloodshed, and war. This individual often will join in the battle. He loved to slaughter and shed blameless blood. The almighty has honnete. He is kind, loving, simply, gentle, and faithful. He does not like the shedding of blood and unnecessary getting rid of. They both have different views about battle. God offers morals although Ares will not. Ares is often portrayed as a strong, brutal warrior. In his hand this individual carried either a spear or a sword. Occasionally...



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Case Study Nordstrom: How to Do well by Selling Just one single Shoe by Allen White colored Essay

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Case Study Nordstrom: How

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A Girls Best Friend Article

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Essay on Carrefour’s Failing

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