Drilling Machine

 Drilling Equipment Essay

Going Machine


Drilling equipment

Any part manufactured has one or more cylindrical hole in them. The process of making a opening is known a drilling.

The trimming tool, which is used for making gaps, is known as exercise. The exercise is a multipoint cutting instrument.

Definition: Drilling is the operation of getting holes in a work piece using a drill bit. The hole can be generated by the rotating drill, which exerts large push on the job piece clamped rigidly within the machine table. What is a Drilling equipment?

A electrical power operated equipment tool, which in turn holds the drill in the spindle spinning at large speeds so when manually actuated to move linearly simultaneously up against the work part produces a pit. Drilling machines

Types Of Drilling Machines

•Portable going machine

•Bench Drilling Equipment (Sensitive drilling machine)

•Upright drilling machine

•Radial going machine

•Gang drilling machine

•Multiple spindle drilling machine

•Automatic going machine

•Deep hole going machine.

Portable drilling equipment

It can be described as small and small machine, which may be conveniently kept by hand, and drilling functions can be carried out. These machines are more comfortable with drill little holes in large work piece. Portable machines run at excessive speeds, powered by electric powered motor or perhaps pneumatic. The maximum diameter of hole it can drill is 12 mm. The feed is definitely applied by hand. Portable drilling machine

Portable drilling machine

Bench Drilling Machine (Sensitive Drilling Machine)

Bench going machine

These are ligh-duty machines employed in small workshops.

Also known as Sensitive drilling machines due to its accurate and well balanced spindle. Holes of diameter 1 mm to 15 mm.

The main elements of the machine

The primary parts of the appliance are


Vertical main column,

Moving head

Work table,

Spindle and

Driving mechanism.

Bench Drilling Equipment

Upright Drilling Machine

In construction the upright going machine is similar to a very sensitive drilling machine for having a vertical steering column mounted upon the base. This machine is made for handling medium-sized work parts. For drilling of different types of work a lot of spindle speeds and feeds are available. Upright Drilling Equipment

Upright Drilling Machine

There are two types of Upright drilling machine

•Round Column Section or Entender drilling Machine

•Box Line Section.

Round Column Section or Pillar Drilling Machine

It consists of a round column that increases from the basic which rests on the floor, a round stand assembly, exercise assembly and an adjustable rate mortgage. The equip and the table may be relocated up and down within the column intended for holding function pieces of distinct heights and in addition moved in an arc about 1800 and may be clamped in any position. The maximum size of slots that the equipment can exercise is up to 50mm Box Steering column Section Upright Drilling Equipment

It has square stand fitted for the slides in front face of the machine column. The table may be moved up and down by an elevating mess. It works to improve heavier work pieces.

The holes over 50mm in diameter can be drilled by this type of equipment. Radial going machine

These are durable and versatile going machine utilized to perform drilling operation upon large and heavy job piece. Holes up to six. 5 cm can be drilled

Radial Drilling Machine

Radial Drilling Machine


It is known as a large rectangular casting that is certainly finished about its best to support a column by one end and job table on the other end. In some machines two or more quantity of bases are offered when going is done over a work pieces supported on anyone of the bases, one more workpiece may be set up on the other for continuous operations. Radial Drilling Equipment


It is actually a cylindrical casting mounted top to bottom at 1 end in the base. It supports the radial provide which may go up or perhaps down on their face....



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