Joy and Funds

 Essay in Happiness and Money


Money does not buy happiness but it allows.

Money has become one of many things inside our modern life. A lot of people live their very own lives to earn money. That they work hard, aiming to earn all the money as they can. Some become in love with it and lose all their dignity hunting money. That they don't value such important matters as family members, friendship, love and other feelings. Such people become money grubbing, they dedicate their comes from loneliness. My spouse and i don't reject that funds influences our life a lot. As T. S. Maugham said " Money is similar to the sixth feeling with out which you are unable to make a total use of the other five. ” I quite concur. A person can't be completely happy if this individual has no money to satisfy his natural requirements. But I do think that funds should have a establish limit. A person shouldn't have got too much money. This begins destroying him and becomes his curse. May be in the Holy bible that " The love of money is the reason for all evil. ” Certainly, big amounts of money really bring distinct problems individuals feel very desirous and envious of other's fortune. Virtually all all the crimes are made due to money. Now i'm among the people that consider that money is usually not all-powerful. Humanity, dignity, intelligence, attention and other good qualities of a person can't be bought for money. We'll never be able to buy genuine love, real friendship and loving and caring family. But your life isn't really worth living without these things. Is actually not really worth living if perhaps money is among the most point than it either. Яндекс. Директ

Can Money Acquire Happiness

Can funds buy joy? Various people have various answers. Some people think that money is definitely the source of joy. With funds, one can purchase whatever he enjoys. With money, one can do whatsoever he likes. So , inside their minds, funds can bring ease and comfort, security, and so forth. Money, because they think, is definitely the source of joy.    But there are still a lot of others who think that money is the reason for all evil. Money pushes people to steal, to take advantage of, and to break the law. Lots of people became...



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