Homo Erectus

 Essay regarding Homo Erectus

Homo erectus (literally " vertical man" ) is a great extinct hominin that lived between 1 ) 8 mil and 60, 000 yrs ago. The first fossil located of this species (the type specimen) was a skullcap discovered in 1891 by EugГЁne Dubois. However , the species had not been named until 1894, after having a femur (thigh bone) was discovered not far from the skullcap. The femur was practically identical to that particular of a modern human, forcing Dubois to mention a new species: Pithecanthropus erectus (literally " upright apeman" ). The two fossils were found in Trinil, Java. The type specimen was named " Trinil 2" and the femur " Trinil 3. " They are recognized known as " Java Man. "

In 1927, Davidson Black called a new species Sinanthropus erectus (literally " Northern vertical man" ), based on a tooth uncovered at Zhoukoudian near Bejing (Peking), Cina. The after discovery of 14 calvaria (skull caps), limb bone fragments, and many more tooth strengthened his claim. One of these calvaria started to be better referred to as " Peking Man. " As even more fossils of erectus-like hominins were learned, paleoanthropologists started to recognize the similarities between Pithecanthropus/Sinanthropus and specimens that had been assigned for the genus Homo. Eventually, the two Pithecanthropus and Sinanthropus fossils were subsumed into the varieties Homo erectus.

The morphology of Homo erectus changed very little more than its 1 ) 8 million years of lifestyle. Compared with australopithecines and previously Homo, Homo erectus had smaller teeth, a shorter face, and a humanlike projecting nose. The numerous skulls that have been discovered show a substantial increase in brain size compared to earlier hominins. On average, the cranial capability of Homo erectus involved 900 cc, although it is range (750 cc–1, two hundred fifty cc) terme conseille that of modern day humans (1, 000 cc–2, 000 cc).

Compared with contemporary humans, Homo erectus possessed a robust and somewhat primitive-looking skull, deal with, and denture. In general, the skull can be long, plus the forehead can be low in profile. The face...



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