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п»їH. Anatomy Last Review Research Guide

Device 1

1 ) Anatomy- research of the framework of the body parts & their relationship to one another; means " to cut the body” Physiology- how the body works & carries our life sustaining activities; means " study of the function of the body” a. Physiology is analyzed within anatomy.

2 . Homeostasis- internal environment of the physique remains stable despite regular changed inside & away from body a. Helps all of us survive whilst dealing with occasions like infections, cold weather conditions, etc a few. Levels of corporation

a. Methods & attributes it takes to become a living patient

b. Atom -> Molecule -> Macromolecule -> Organelles -> Cellular -> Tissue -> Organ -> Body organ System -> Organism 4. Major physique cavities

a. Cranial Tooth cavity

a. i. Superior to the maxilla; mind housed in this article

b. Dorsal Cavity

m. i. Detras to the stomach; vertebral column

c. Vertebral Cavity

c. i. Detras to the diaphragm; spinal cord

m. Thoracic Cavity

d. we. Ventral for the dorsal cavity; heart, lungs, trachea, & esophagus e. Abdominal Cavity

e. i actually. Medial; intestinal organs

n. Pelvic Cavity

f. we. Inferior for the abdomen; urinary, reproductive bodily organs, uterus, anal area, & rectum g. Pleural Cavity

g. i. Assortment; lungs

h. Pericardial Cavity

h. we. Medial; cardiovascular system

i. Stomach Pelvic Tooth cavity

i. my spouse and i. Superior to the tarsals; abdomen & reproductive organs

your five. Major organ systems

a. Integumentary

a. i. Function- forms external body covering & defends deeper cells from personal injury a. ii. Organs- frizzy hair, sebaceous glands, skin, sweating glands, & nails m. Skeletal

w. i. Function- protects & supports body organs & provides platform for muscle tissue & blood cells shaped in our bones b. 2. Organs- ligaments, tendons, bones, & bone fragments

c. Muscle

c. we. Function- permits manipulation of environment, locomotion, & cosmetic expression c. ii. Organs- muscles, tendons, & skeletal muscles

d. Immune/Lymphatic

d. i. Function- picks up smooth leaked coming from blood vessels & returns this d. 2. Organs- reddish bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, thymus gland, thoracic, & lymphatic vessels at the. Respiratory

electronic. i. Function- keeps blood vessels supplied with o2 & removes carbon dioxide at the. ii. Organs- nasal tooth cavity, trachea, lungs, pharynx, larynx, & bronchus f. Digestive

f. i. Function- reduces food into absorbable items that enter the blood for distribution to body cells f. ii. Organs- oral cavity, butt, anus, esophagus, gallbladder, liver organ, stomach, pharynx, salivary glands, & little & significant intestine

g. Nervous

g. i. Function- control approach to the body that transmit signals/messages throughout the program & body & responds to inner & external changes g. ii. Organs- brain, sensor receptors, spine, & nerves h. Endocrine

they would. i. Function- glands exude hormones that regulate operations in the body (estrogen & testosterone) h. 2. Organs- pineal gland, ovaries, pituitary glandular, testes, thyroid gland gland, thymus gland, adrenal gland, prostatic gland, parathyroid gland, & pancreas i actually. Cardiovascular/Circulatory

my spouse and i. i. Function- transports blood vessels containing fresh air, carbon dioxide, nutrition, & squander (circulates blood & components) i. ii. Organs- heart, blood vessels, arteries, capillaries, & veins l. Urinary/Excretory

m. i. Function- eliminates toxins from the body system & allows regulate ph level j. ii. Organs- kidney, ureter, urinary bladder, & urethra

k. Reproductive

e. i. Function- production of offspring (testis = ejaculation; ovaries sama dengan egg) t. ii. Organs- prostate human gland, mammary gland, testis, ovary, uterus, vaginal area, scrotum, uterine tube, & penis 6th. Major inorganic substances

a. Water & ions (Na+, Cl-, K+, & Phosphate)

7. Major groups of organic substances

a. Carbohydrates

a. i. Energy storage area

a. ii. Ex- pasta

m. Lipids

b. i. Type cell walls, organelle walls, & energy storage b. ii. Ex- fats

c. Proteins

c. i. Structural & efficient components of cellular

c. ii. Ex- beef

d. Nucleic Acids

deb. i. Layouts for making necessary protein

m. ii. Ex- DNA & RNA

Product 2

1 . Cell organelles

a. Mitochondria

a. we. AKA:...



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