Add-on and Equality

 Inclusion and Equality Article

Task 1

Describe briefly precisely what is meant by terms equal rights, diversity and inclusion. Write your answers in the boxes below:

|Diversity |The difference between persons and groups in world e. g cultures and religion | |Equality |To see every child because an individual and help them attain what they are good at | |Inclusion |Identifying understanding and deteriorating barriers to participation and belonging

Task a couple of

Each of the scenarios below entails some kind of elegance. What do you believe will be the effects of the splendour if few things are done to obstacle it? Fill out the table below. A good example has been completed to suit your needs.

|Scenario |Potential consequences | |Jasmin and Katy laugh at him and say he must become a girl, since |Paul might be very embarrassed and avoid ‘feminine' activities in future, | |girls play with the tea-set. |which could detrimentally affect his development. Or he may become withdrawn | | |since he feels he is prohibited to play with a toy this individual enjoys. Hemay also| | |become upset towards Jasmin and Katy. | |Heather uses a wheelchair. Practitioner Frances is worried that she'll |Heather can feel very overlooked she may become angry towards the | |get hurt in an outdoor video game so the lady leaves her by the windows watching |practitioner because she actually is not able to get involved with the other | |while the additional children enjoy |children, she will feel very raise red flags to and feel she will hardly ever be able to | | |participate in adventures when internet marketing sure her life is previously | | |difficult enough. | |Danyl's father is black. Medical specialist Marcia is incredibly suspicious of him |Marcia can be judging danyl's father this prejudice can have dangerous effects | |and the moment she seems to lose her fresh fountain coop one day your woman asks about to see if|especially if the kid over hears this review and that child has a | |he has been near her desk, stating ‘you just can't trust that sort'. |different skin shade or additional members of staff it may be considered | | |as racist which is unexceptable | |Darren, three, can be from a gypsy/traveller family members newly found its way to the |This prejudice will be harmful to your child as he needs to be treated the| |area. Draw, his place leader, says it's not worth making any work with |same as everybody else no matter where this individual comes from this individual still needs to be | |Darren mainly because he'll be leaving again soon. |taught if he could be disregarded in this way then it can effect his overall | | |development and will harm his assurance and self esteem as he can | | |feel he could be not well worth bothering with. | |Kim's mother Laida has limited mobility and cannot speak. She utilizes a |Laida can feel left out of her kids education she'll feel | |voice synthesizer. Usha, Kim's room head, finds it tough to speak|discriminated against and feel like she is not important enough to get | |to Laida, so...



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