Introduction About American's Culture

 Introduction Regarding American’s Tradition Essay

TOPIC: American values at the crossroads: the United Express in modern world


My spouse and i. Overview of classic American ideals and philosophy

I. 1- Individual liberty and self- reliance

My spouse and i. 2- Equality of prospect and competition

I. 3- Material wealth and hard working

2. American beliefs at the crossroads: the United State in 21st century

2. 1- factors that have an effect on American history

II. 2- 20th century challenges to American principles

II. 3- The battle in Vietnam and the Watergate scandal

2. 3. 1- The battle in Vietnam

II. 3. 1 . 1- Consequences in the war in Vietnam

II. 3. 1 . 2- The Attitude toward the warfare of Vietnam and Combined State

II. 3. 2- The Watergate scandal

II. 4- The need for new national values

II. 4. 1- The conservation of normal resources

II. 4. 2- National co-operation

II. 5- the Usa State: the first widespread nation?

III. Comparisons with Vietnam


I. Summary of traditional American values and beliefs

I actually. 1- Specific freedom and self-reliance

It can be expressed the fact that desire and right of individuals to control their own success without exterior interference ( government, judgment noble course, the chapel, …)

Self-sufficiency is rooted in the opinion that everybody should certainly stand on their own feet. Depending upon someone or any type of organization or perhaps charity means losing your independence

My spouse and i. 2- Equality of option and competition

Equality of opportunity ensures that everyone has equivalent chance to enter the competition for success. It truly is rooted in early immigrant's perception that later a chance to flourish in America and many proved all their dreams had been fulfilled

Competition makes People in the usa are urged to match their energy, intellect and imagination with their neighbors. They reverance winners yet despise guys

I. 3- Material wealth and hard work

Material wealth is the signal of one's cultural status in society. Material wealth differs from materialism. For Us citizens, material riches has a spiritual value grounded in Puritanism viewing material success as God's like. So to be successful is the life goal of most Americans

Americans paid a price for their material wealth: hard work. The North American country was rich in natural solutions, only by hard work can these all-natural resources to be converted into material possessions, allowing for a more comfortable standard of living. Hard working have been both important and worthwhile for most Americans through their history.

2. American beliefs at the crossroads: the Usa State in the 21st century

II. 1- Factors that affect American history

There are several factors that affect American history.

1st, the United States features always a new racially and ethnically different population. At times these people go along well collectively and sometimes they don't. At times there have been great mistrust and even hatred between people of different races and nationwide origins. Although even inside the darkest times, there have always been people who held up the ideals stated in the Statement of Freedom: " We hold the truth to be self- evident, that most men are set up equal, that they will be endowed by their Creator with certain undeniable rights, that among these are generally Life, Liberty, and the quest for happiness. That to secure these rights, Govt are instituted among men, deriving their just power from the consent of the governed” Second, even though Americans have traditionally a new strong mistrust of their govt, they have also had a solid faith in its design. During more than two hundred years, they have amended the usa constitution simply 26 moments. The initially 10 amendments, the Bill of Rights, had been added 2 yrs after the Metabolic rate itself, and the last modification was in the year of 1971, lowing the voting grow older from twenty one to 18. The framework in the political program was designed to safeguard the freedom the rights in the...



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