Job Research

 Job Research Essay

Job Analysis

Heather Murphy

PSY302: Industrial/Organizational Mindset

Instructor Ioannis Papazafiropoulos

Sept 22, 2014

Job Examination

Creating a work analysis is a crucial step which needs to be taken in in an attempt to create an efficient job explanation. A job analysis will generally include details regarding task tasks/responsibilities, employee requirements, and contextual factors. Implementing this kind of information will allow you to create a more fortunate job description, and will also help out with weeding out the less skilled candidates. Creating an effective task description is going to impact the achievements of finding the right employee, as it provides the most important aspects of the job. The remainder of this daily news will show the value of making a job research by providing one of a job information and displaying how it was created. Braum's Ice Cream and Dairy

Assistant Manager

Job Description

Title: Day time Assistant Manager

Studies to: Store Manager

Job Summary:

A great assistant manager by Braum's will help the store manager with daily duties in order that the store runs smoothly. The assistant manager will also act as single manager if the store manager is not there. For Braum's our company is seeking associate managers whom are motivated, team frontrunners, responsible, dependable, hard functioning and authoritative. Duties include training, cash handling, improving safety and security procedures, and helping other staff and consumers. Summary of essential work functions:

An assistant manager has many responsibilities that have to be carried out each and every day. These responsibilities contain: prepare work schedules and item orders, implement food safety requirements, pre-screen applicants and train personnel, prepare debris and audit registers, help customers and employees, impose security techniques, and maintain appropriate work areas. Minimum function requirements

People applying for the assistant manager location must meet up with these requirements: valid individuals license, be 21 years old or elderly, have for least 12 months of management experience, must have high school degree or diploma or comparable, and should have reliable travel. Abilities essential

An assistant manager must be capable of lift up to 50lbs (with or without help), will need to have basic counting skills, and must be capable of stand about feet pertaining to long hours at a time.


The above mentioned statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of operate being performed by persons assigned to the classification. They may be not to be construed since an thorough list of almost all responsibilities, responsibilities, and abilities required of personnel because classified. All personnel can be required to carry out duties outside of their regular responsibilities from time to time, as required. Additional Information


Work Code

Generic Title

Time Assistant Manager

Pay out Grade

Per hour + drone weekly bonuses

Management (Yes/No)


E/NE status

Last Revised

The work description previously mentioned shows the value of creating a job analysis. Had a job research not been done, we might not have the details of the task. A job analysis is used to know the details of any job to be able to construct an effective job description. Safdar, Waheed, and Rafiq (2010) had written that " job examination paves how for unassailable recruitment method (pg. 32). Not only does work analysis help in understanding the job position, but it also helps managers in hiring the ideal person intended for the job.

Tasks/responsibilities, understanding, skill, talents, and task context are generally part of a job analysis. The tasks/responsibilities are definitely the duties one performs on a daily basis (Youssef and Noon, 2012). For example , the responsibilities pointed out in the task description contain enforcing safety and security procedures, planning work schedules and orders, auditing registers and preparing build up, etc ... Understanding, skills, and abilities...

Recommendations: Safdar, Ur., Waheed, A., & Rafiq, K. They would. (2010). Effects Of Work Analysis In Job Performance: Analysis Of any Hypothesized Style. Journal of Diversity Supervision. Vol. 5(2), p17- 36. Recovered from: library. ashford. edu/docview/506643513? accountid=32521

Youssef, C. & Noon, A. (2012). Industrial/Organizational Psychology. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.



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