Keurig Essay

Brewing excellence, One cup at a time.

Keurig in Dutch means excellence. It is the leading one cup brewing system in The united states.

The U. S i9000. annual per capita intake of caffeine was

estimated being 424 portions, which included in home and

out-of-home beef roasts and ground, instant, and ready-to-drink

(bottled/canned) espresso. 2

The total coffee market in 2008

was believed to be 1 . 8 billion pounds, or $19. three or more billion. 3

While specialty coffee was only about 17 percent of

total household coffee usage by quantity, the sector

got grown to over half the cost of the U. S. caffeine industry. a few The specialised coffee marketplace was believed to be worth

$11 billion each year.

Specialty espresso consumption had

elevated over forty-eight percent in the usa from 2001

to 2006.

Keurig was a technology firm in the espresso industry. Keurig brewers symbolized a blend of technology and design. To maintain and enhance where it stands as a head

in the gourmet single-cup market, Keurig invested significant resources and capital in engineering and research and development. This kind of led to a very good and developing portfolio

Keurig's bundled engineering crew drove fast and ground breaking product development in all of the three areas that supported Keurig's of market-leading, exclusive technology.

single-cup program: brewers, section packs, and high-speed

packaging lines that made the part packs. Keurig's integrated way of new product expansion has ended in accelerated new product launches for 7 years and counting.

History of Keurig

Keurig was made its debut in 1992 by simply Ian Greenwood and Peter Dragone together with the belief the fact that coffee should be served refreshing, at home or at the office. The concept of coffee residence taste by cup was unique and new to the marketplace. Ian Greenwood attained the idea of brewing caffeine with which this individual approached, Peter Dragone, a Harvard business school pass out and with an established qualifications in the food industry. The idea was to produce portion bags of premium coffee. The primary idea was to serve fresh coffee while there will be simply no oxygen in the packs, it'll be taken out applying special packaging techniques. To determine his stage, Ian applied a fat free yogurt cup to show the concept, that includes a more processed version now called K-cup, sealed with a foil. It was a new strategy, which developed from the groundbreaking question: So why brew espresso a weed at a time whenever we drink it a glass at a time?

The two was obviously a combination desirable for a powerful business. Greenwood developed a make-shift coffee machine to prove his level that it can function. And Philip worked on the business enterprise plan, making presentations to various knowledgeable enterpreneurs and ventured capitalists. They shown the plan to Northeast Office Coffee Association. This was the big organization affiliated with distributors, equipment manufacturers and also other companies for marketing espresso along with other providers to businesses. Keurig needed an very own brand of caffeine line known as True North Coffee. In 1993 after getting the monetary help Keurig was able to influence the idea of K-cup to the appliance manufacturers and roasters. However the appliance producers were not sure of having the mass production at the economic cost and charcoal grill thought that the coffee machines will not ever able to function flawlessly. In late 1994, Dunkin Donuts opted for purchase two prototype machines for $15, 000. Dunkin Donuts believed that the Keurig's idea was promising and they needed a machine to get non-store configurations. This offered Keurig a platform to soon end up being called like a company. In 1994, Keurig got the patent and came up with a prototype. Keurig received little funding coming from Food Fund that helped them to create handful of high quality brewer prototypes. Keurig shown the business plan to Green Hill Coffee Charcoal grill, a premium espresso producer, they will wanted to work with them because that will make these people earn lots of rewards. Green Mountain Coffee...



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