Lesson Program Evaluation

 Lesson Plan Evaluation Dissertation


Lesson Prepare Evaluation

Team Purple

Tracy Walsh, Laquesha Wilkins, Tameka Yancey

Grand Gosier University

EED 503N- Curriculum & Strategies: Mathematics

The fall of 24, 2010

Lesson Prepare Evaluation

Many schools require their teachers to follow a specific programs and pacing guide because they teach math concepts. The mathematics expectations, or perhaps standards, vary from state to convey in the particular concepts dealt with, the way the principles are provided, and the class level which will specific concepts are expected to become learned (Reys & Lappan, 2007). The lesson a teacher gives to the students should also possess certain attributes if a educator strives in order to meet the expectations of National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Standards. NCTM Standards suggest five procedure standards which students ought to acquire because they develop math knowledge (Van de Walle, Karp, & Bay-Williams, 2010). These five process specifications are solving problems, reasoning and proof, communication, connection, and representation. Team Purple assessed a lessons plan present in Envisions Math which is published by Pearson Education; the curriculum will be used in a North Carolina open public school fifth grade classroom. Upon evaluating a lesson on fractions from Anticipate Math, Group Purple learned some strengths of the programs as well as some places inside the curriculum in which changes need to be made in in an attempt to make the lessons more in accordance with the NCTM Standards. Throughout the evaluation, affiliates discussed the aim alignment in the lesson while using NCTM Criteria, differentiation inside the lesson, sneaky usage in the lesson, the assessment procedure, and scholar reflection. Following the discussion, they made ideas for how the lessons could be tweaked to be more in line with the NCTM Requirements and to better meet the needs of the entire classroom. The initial lesson can be found in Appendix A and the worksheet is in Appendix B. The modified lessons plan is at Appendix C.

Lesson plans must be designed to meet up with specific objectives that are suitable for the students and coordinated with all the state's requirements. The Anticipate lesson entitled Meaning of Fractions says that the objective is that the college students will be able to identify and show fractional parts of regions and models. Ediger (1998), states " objectives need to be chosen which can be vital and relevant” (p. 11). The objective connected to this lesson helps Ediger's theory and the activities throughout the lesson support the relevance and importance of pupils being able to discover fractional parts. For example , within the lesson college students will watch several pictures and determine the fraction being showed by the graphic after this strategy has been version by the tutor. The team arranged that the target of the lessons is precise. Conversely, there was clearly a little argument in reference to how well the lesson lines up with the NCTM Standards and standards pertaining to teaching math concepts. The lesson appeared to arrange with the NCTM standard of Number and Operation as it provided skills for the scholars to gain amount understanding, techniques for representing numbers, and interactions among numbers (Van para Walle ou al. 2010, p. A-2). For instance, the relationships among numbers were presented while the students discovered the connection of wholes to parts and just how this can be symbolized with a fraction written numerically or with number terms. Meanwhile, the lesson lacked support of NCTM Requirements for Teaching Mathematics in other ways. There was clearly not adequate content in the lesson to back up the following requirements of teaching mathematics: Standard 3-Worthwhile Mathematical Tasks, Standard 5- Discourse, and Standard 6-Reflection on Pupil Learning. The lesson fails to meet the guidelines for these stated specifications because it was lacking activities that keep your students interested and...

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