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Countrywide Library Camp Feasibility Research

ALA Growing Leaders 3 years ago, Project Q

Team Members:

Mario Ascencio,

George Mason School

Christy Donaldson,

Utah Area State College

Jolie Graybill,

Northern Arizona ( az ) University

Florante Ibanez,

Loyola Law Collection

Our Teachers:

Loriene Roy, ALA President-Elect

Kerry Keep, ALA get in touch with


We have a pressing have to fill the ranks of America's Librarians and other Information Professionals (i. e. archivists, museum curators, etc . ). As has been discussed in many gatherings, diversity in the profession can be described as major goal as is bringing in the youth of America. The concept of a National Selection Camp is a welcome job whose the finally arrive. As we embark into the online community and information sharing of Web 2. 0, young people have grown to be more and more net, communications, and technologically savvy. As information professionals we should be on the leading edge as well as securely rooted in traditional librarianship.

A Nationwide Library Camp geared towards middle school and/or high school old youth is actually a nurturing and mentoring space for the next technology of Information Professionals. It can be a place for students to get the thrill and challenge of research goal and the satisfaction of offering others in completing all their information seeking tasks and goals. Technology and founded library theory can go together as we exchange ideas of information needs and solutions amongst professionals and students.

Camp Scenarios

Academic camps can serve as a model along with provide an existing framework to insert a " Library/ Informational Profession” module. This module could be integrated into existing sessions of Library Analysis, or introduction of information experts as audio speakers on Job Panel demonstrations. Small teams could darkness a librarian for a day/week to observe quality what the profession entails.

System Proposal – College / University Collaboration

Universities throughout the country established programs to identify and work with students, generally junior large or kids. The main target of these courses is to get students into school. Many learners may be at-risk and coming from populations which can be considered at-risk economically, environmentally (geographically), and educationally (1st generation college or university students); or perhaps as I love to call these people, " three E's. " Programs, just like Upward Sure, Trio Plan, and Early on Identification Programs are already dealing with students to enable them to think and get into college. In our opinion, the American Library Association should work together with these previously established courses to incorporate study skills, info literacy/fluency abilities, and technology skills that are currently lack of from many of these programs. Most of the existing programs are aware of this absence inside their programs of those important learning skills. Therefore , one of my own suggestions is always to partner plan one of these old programs.

Way up Bound - Approximately 850 federally decided programs throughout the U. T. in the two urban and rural areas. There is a summer season program part which will allow the American Library Relationship to create a catalogue and info component to the already existing program.

Trio Applications - Unlike Upward Sure, Trio Applications are linked with a specific college. Therefore , students accepted in these applications and maintain a particular minimum GRADE POINT AVERAGE are assured acceptance in the University. (

Council intended for Opportunity and Education - non-profit corporation, established in 1981, specialized in furthering the expansion of educational chances throughout the Usa. Through its numerous regular membership services, the Council performs in conjunction with universities, universities, and agencies that host TRIO Programs to specifically help low-income Americans enter into college and graduate....

References: Bialeschki, Meters. D. (2006). What 's happening with camp enrollment? Camping Publication, March.


← ALA Table presenation – October 3 years ago

в†ђ Give exploration, 2007

в†ђ Pilot Camp Summer 2008



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