Mc Donald's Operation Management

 Mc Donald’s Operation Supervision Essay

McDonald's Company is the world's largest cycle of burger fast food eating places, serving about 68 million customers daily in 119 countries. In Morocco, McDonald has just commemorated it 20 years of lifestyle in the country, the first McDonald opened in la Corniche, Casablanca in 1992, these days there is 29 restaurants over 15 towns. The company offers a wide variety of items from hamburgers to salad to wasteland. Hamburger| Desert| Salad

Big mac| Sundae| Salade fermière

Royal cheese| McFlury| Salade pêcheur

280 gr Original| Mandise|

Big tasty| Mousse aux 3 chocolats|

Cheeseburger| Choco Glacé|

Hamburger| Coffe|

Mc Chicken| |

Filet-O-Fish| |

Rooster Mythic| |

Chicken burger| |

Place miel moutard| |

Wrap Libanais| |

Beef Classic| |

Because all of us live in lady country, McDonald had to take away all the dishes composed of porc, and work with " Halal” meat. To convince people opinion, they organize a visit for the press as well as the opinion market leaders to their suppliers. There is another independent taxation who is in charge of the halal labeling. McD's products will be supplied by 50 % via local corporations, the various meats and the french fries are brought in from Egypt. When foodstuff arrive to the McD cafe they are already labeled with a best-before time and are dual labeled by manager and they are kept in the freezer in a temp between – 18° and -23°. The rule pertaining to the frozen food is that the first to come in is definitely the first to come out. Health, basic safety and health issues are taken seriously; the manager is responsible in the good next of the functions. In the kitchen, every single employee can be assigned a particular task, various meats is bake between two heating platter that are cleansed every 30 minutes, after is actually done each uses a special thermometer to make sure that the meat is in least 69 °, employees that are in touch with meat need to wear mitts and change these people regularly. Addititionally there is fried chicken and fish in the McDonald's menu, thus they use a deep fryer that is examined to make sure the oil is clean, fried foodstuff can't stay out more than twenty minutes. Every single hour there is a beep in the kitchen that suggest that employees have to clean their hands for half a minute and every 4 hours all the materials used in the kitchen are sterilize with a exceptional spray. Finally when the food is set up, it is all set to be served to the buyer. Output�:


Transformation process�:



Input resources�:






HighVariation Low


" " To understand the different types of operation we all differentiate together by using 4 dimensions - it cell phone calls these the four V's of functions. They are, 5. Volume -- how a large number of products or services are made by the operation? * Range - just how many different types of products or services are made by operation? * Variation - how much does the level of demand change over time? * Presence - how much of the operation's internal operating are 'exposed' to its customers? ”” From, search several Vs .

The black curve in the diagram shows the McDonald's procedure tendencies. The amount of operations is mid-low which is large for a cafe but McD is Fast-food restaurant, customers during every days, on the other hand there are some maximum hours, so the machinery are always working. A normal McD stay open intended for 14 several hours but they are some like the one inside the corniche that stays available until your five o'clock in the morning. The variety in McD product is mid-low, meals are normal, some stay always at a restaurant like the Burger or the Big Mac, but other will be occasional such as the Mac fondue or the Giabatta Grande. The meal are generally not really customizable like a actual restaurant you may only ask them to remove a product from the meal like the salad or the tomato....



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