Microeconomics: Source and Demand

 Microeconomics: Supply and Demand Essay


Prices of Onion (Deshi and Indian) go up due to shortage of supply 1 . Launch:

Microeconomic theory is perhaps the most important course in all economics and organization programs. We am simply trying to talk about about the role of theory or perhaps models in microeconomics, talk about the basic method of economics, and distinguish between positive and normative analysis. Our main target from this assignment is always to write an essay regarding microeconomics related topic which is published by newspapers lately. After studying the newspapers I have received a microeconomic related matter which rates go up, consequently, demand can decrease. In accordance to my personal previous analyze knowledge, I had fashioned some ideas about production price, import expense, transportation cost and other identical cost through which we can identify the cost and profit. Following taking the microeconomic course, it seems to me which the scenario is unique. Here we really need not only creation and other comparable cost and profit although also supply and demand, changing situation, income and substitution effect, equilibrium cost, elasticity, cost behavior, marketplace position and so forth. Here my selected system is Onions (Deshi and Indian). This is because; onions are one of the most important commodities of our daily meal. Recently the prices of onions rise in the realtor mls database not only Deshi onion although also Of india onion. Store said that, the prices of neighborhood onion improved by Tk. 10 a kg and was advertising at Tk. 70 a kg while the just collected onion was retailing in Tk. 45 a kilogram and Indian onion by Tk. 45 a kg over the last week due to supply shortage. To ensure that, I have made a decision to write a great essay regarding onion (Deshi and Indian) where Of india onion may be the substitute of Deshi onions including the demand and supply of onions, equilibrium price, effect on price, alternative and profits effect, production function, suppleness, cost function and industry structure of onion.

2 . Data Collection:

After learning the magazines, I have found a microeconomic related topic that may be, " Red onion, flour, fruit and vegetables, fish rates go up” which is posted by Monetary Express upon 15th January, 2012 and ‘Prices of onions, green chili skyrocket' which is released by New Age on 22 December, 2012. So I have taken two item Deshi red onion and Indian onion. So you can get more information My spouse and i visited a couple of markets which can be nearest of my area due to learn about the supply and current and former price and demand for two styles of onions. a) Nayabazar Market

b) Babubazar Marketplace

3. Require:

3. 1 . Law of demand:

We know that, consumer obtain more equipments while the price is lower and they get fewer goods at larger price wherever other things stay the same. We all also realize that, there is an inverse romantic relationship between cost and amount demanded legally speaking of demand. So the slope of demand curve is definitely downward.

three or more. 2 . Shifting of require curve:

Require curve may be shift back to the inside or facing outward. Demand competition can shift inward or perhaps outward pertaining to the following reasons-

a) Individual price (PX): If very own price goes up then demand curve will shift back to the inside and if individual price is catagorized then demand curve will shift outward. Here the buying price of Deshi and Indian onion increase so demand contour will change inward. b) Cross selling price (PY): If the price of substitute goods rises or complementary goods falls then your demand shape will change outward of course, if the price of substitute goods comes or complementary goods soars then the require curve is going to shift inward. c) Cash flow: If customers income alterations then the require curve can also changes. d) Taste: Buyers taste is constant but it really has a very good impact on changing demand curve. e) No of buyers: If not any of potential buyers increase in the market then the require curve is going to shift facing outward and if no of purchasers decrease in the industry then the require curve can shift inward. 3. 3. Aggregate demand schedule intended for Deshi oinion:

Persons| Tk. 45 (3/12)| Tk. 50 (9/12)| Tk. 60 (20/12)| Tk. sixty-five (22/12)| Tk. 70 (21/12)| A. | 14| 12| 11| 8|...



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