Psychology Behavior

 Psychology Habit Essay

Determination and Food cravings

A. Points of views on Motivation

1 . Determination: a need or desire that energizes and directs habit B. Norms of behavior and Evolutionary Psychology

2 . Behavioral instinct: a complex habit that is rigidly patterned within a species and is also unlearned several. Human innate tendency such as infant's rooting and drawing C. Drives and Offers

some. Drive-reduction Theory: the idea that physical need creates an turned on tensions condition (a drive) that purposes an patient to satisfy the necessity a) Hard drives the need of ingesting or having

b) Once need improves so truly does drive

five. Homeostasis: propensity to maintain a consistent internal point out c) Goal of drive reduction

d) Dangerous body chemistry, just like glucose level 6. Bonus: a positive or perhaps negative environment stimulus that motivates tendencies e) The moment there is a require and an incentive, we feel strongly motivated D. Optimum Arousal

7. Excitement levels Theory: helps explain inspiration for behaviours that reduce immediate physical needs or perhaps tension declares 8. Individuals seek excitement when neurological needs are met f) Human inspiration aims to look for optimum levels of arousal to met needs g) Over stimulation causes stress

Elizabeth. A Hierarchy of Causes

9. Hierarchy of needs: Maslow's pyramid of human demands; need to fulfill base needs before higher-level needs h) Physiological Needs: Need to fulfill hunger and thirst i) Safety Demands: Need to feel that the world can be organized and predictable, need to feel safe, secure and stable j) Belongingness and Love Demands: Need to like and be liked, to belong and be approved, need to prevent loneliness and alienation k) Esteem Requires: Need for self-pride, achievement, proficiency, and independence; need for reputation and admiration from others l)...



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