Mormonism Vs Christianity

 Essay about Mormonism Vs Christianity

Mormonism and Christianity Light beer the same Religion or are they will Very Different? Jose A Ladron

Dickinson Point out University


Since the first day I read about Mormons I have always been asking myself if if they may have similar morals to my personal beliefs or different ones. During my home country Un Salvador, the Mormons are generally not really that popular, it is just a very small community and We have only noticed small details of them coming from my parents, that we must declare they do not understand much. At my interview with one of my local freinds in Dickinson Hannah I actually learned a lot of things about Mormonism. In my personal opinion you will find more commonalities than there are dissimilarities. For instance whether they call it a little different than I actually do call the two are the same God, as well as me she features Jesus Christ whom came to the earth and perished to save mankind from sins, just like Christianity, Mormons also read the scriptures and follow it in a way. Not simply her philosophy but some of her practices and vacations are the same, for instance just like me personally she goes toward a forehead every On the to pray, as I head to church every single Sunday to pray too. Easter and Christmas will be two extremely important holidays which in turn Mormons and Christians talk about. In my interview I found that Mormons are very similar to Christians, although Christians do different things than Mormons do or whether Christian believers have different icons than Mormons have, the two of us believe in a similar God and the same rules.

El Salvador's main religion is Christianity; I had been born and rise in a Christian as well as I've always been surrounded by Christians. There is a few people I have attained that are atheist but which it. Lately the Mormon community have been growing in Un Salvador, their very own recent task cost huge amount of money, and it was one of the most fabulous temples We've seen in living. This made me more interested in learning Mormonism and what were their procedures and their philosophy, but I have never had the opportunity to talk to a Mormon since there is also a few in El Nazareno. Being within the USA offers let me discover more civilizations and beliefs than in Un Salvador, as well as the number of Mormons here in UNITED STATES is bigger than my own home country. One of my staff mates Hannah is a Mormon, and she actually is always talking about God, which made me inquisitive to see whether she believed in the same our god that I consider. One of the things the girl told me is that Mormonism comes from Christianity, which there are a few points that adjustments. They do trust in the same our god as Christian believers believe and in addition they believe in Christ, which reached Earth to die and save mankind from sins. One of the dissimilarities between Christianity and Mormonism is that they way Our god is displayed, for instance we Christians have the Trinitarian God, which consists of God, Jesus Christ the second person of the Trinity, and finally the Holy Spirit which is the next person in the Trinity. The Trinitarian Our god does not have a human body. Mormons do believe in every one of them but they are not every together. They do have Our god, which they call up Heavenly Dad and includes a body, and Jesus Christ child of Our god and evidently originally among the spirit creatures that all individuals used to become and finally the Holy Spirit, which is a heart being who is a separate becoming from Goodness and Jesus. Now the Bible is something extremely important for Christian believers, it is exactly where all of the reports from Goodness are, and where all its rules and rules are located, whatsoever God really wants to teach to us and become done is in the Bible. Mormons do see the Bible also, but they also comply with another book which was the book by which Mormonism began, this is the Book of Mormon. According to Hannah the book of Mormon was written by ancient prophets while ago, which will summed over 1000 years of history, which are engraved in golden discs called the Plates of Nephi. The Book of Mormon was first published in 1830 by simply Joseph Johnson. According to Smith these types of writing had been buried within a hill throughout the USA by a prophet...



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