My own Last Duchess

 My Last Duchess Dissertation

My Last Duchess: An Analysis of The Fight it out

" My own Last Duchess" by Robert Browning can be clearly a dramatic monologue used to show the character with the Duke. The agent seems present although he under no circumstances participates in the conversation and parts are spoken by Duke. The Duke identifies some of the agent's questions besides making the dramatic monologue possible by addressing, for example , the questioning glimpse he gets from the agent about the " place of joy on the duchess' cheek". The poem presents the Fight it out as manipulative, arrogant, self-centered, chauvinistic, jealous, and handling. All of these qualities are displayed as the Duke discusses the failings and imperfections of his late wife. The Fight it out unknowingly presents his very own failings and imperfections whilst slandering the name and behavior of his former wife.

Throughout the poem, the Duke attempts to portray him self as effective and successful, but these qualities are contradicted by his speech. Instead of realizing and praising him for his accomplishments, the reader sees throughout the Duke's façade and knows that the Fight it out is simply etroite and envious. The Duke constantly identifies the Duchess as " My Last Duchess" as though she would not deserve a name since she is him. This is part of his chauvinistic frame of mind. The Duke does not feel as if women will be human but rather objects that want a man to tame these people and control their every move. The Duke uncovers his envious streak after discussing the duchess is usually wandering eyes and smile for everyone. The Duke says, " …she smiled, certainly, /Whene'er We passed her; but who passed with out /Much similar smile…. " (line 44). This raise red flags to the Duke because he experienced she must not treat everyone else as she treated him. He experienced she was ungrateful of the " nine-hundred-years-old name" that he bestowed upon her. Since the Fight it out felt unappreciated, he directly lashed out and induced all " smiles to cease". Someone is left to wonder if this range is saying that the Duke finished the life...



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