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Sector Visit – NeWater Plant

An industry visit to Changi NeWater plant occurred on 22nd February 2013 under the guidance of Esprit de corps faculty, Aditya Gupta. It was for a duration of 3 hours and the guide in NeWater was Sharul Mustafa. The guide gave a brief history about Singapore and the reasons why this flower was started out. It was a really informative and enriching knowledge that helped us in understanding the value of characteristics and enhancing use of limited resources. Like a souvenir a bottle of NeWater was handed to all the students. A detailed report about NeWater has been offered below:

NEWater is a term coined by the Public Utilities Plank (PUB) to get high-grade reclaimed water which has been purified with advanced membrane and ultraviolet (uv) technologies. NEWater is ultra-clean; it has passed more than 30, 000 clinical tests and surpasses the World Health Organization's requirements intended for safe drinking water. Is it doesn't third " tap" inside the " Four National Taps" strategy to provide Singapore with a sustainable and diversified flow of water. The other 3 taps will be water via local catchments, imported drinking water from Malaysia and desalinated water. NEWater is expected to meet 40% of Singapore's water demands by 2020. HISTORY

NEWater may could be seen as an overnight success pertaining to Singapore. But its evolution can be described as journey that spanned 3 years. Singapore's 1st water masterplan was drawn up in 1972. In 1974, BAR built a pilot herb to turn utilized water into potable drinking water. This was the precursor of today's NEWater factories. Nonetheless it was ahead of its time. The costs had been astronomical as well as the membranes had been unreliable, and so the idea was shelved to await additional technological growth. In 1998, the required technology had matured and driven production costs down. In May 2000, the initial NEWater plant was completed. NOW

At the moment, there are 4 NEWater crops in Singapore. The latest and the largest NEWater plant for Changi using a capacity of 50mgd was opened in May 2010. With this addition, coupled with the expansion of the existing crops, NEWater right now meets 30% of Singapore's total drinking water demand. By simply 2060, NEWater is projected to meet 50 percent of Singapore's future water demand.

Objective: To ensure an effective, adequate & sustainable availability of water. Vision: Water for a lot of: Conserve, Value, Enjoy


Value ConsciousTo value the environment, water methods and people; and ensure value for money OwnershipTo not merely represent BAR - Collectively WE ARE the PUB. InnovationTo relentlessly go after knowledge and innovate to create value. CaringThrough respect and a positive work place, to inspire their staff to develop all their highest potential. ExcellenceTo present service to the customers with Professionalism & Integrity.


In just four decades, Singapore has get over water shortages despite it is lack of all-natural water resources and polluting of the environment in its estuaries and rivers. Driven with a vision of what it takes to get sustainable in water, Singapore has been purchasing research and technology. Today, the nation has built a robust, varied and eco friendly water supply via four distinct sources referred to as Four Nationwide Taps (water from regional catchment areas, imported normal water, reclaimed water known as NEWater and desalinated water). Simply by integrating the device and maximising the performance of each with the four taps, Singapore has ensured a stable, sustainable water supply that is climate resilient, competent of wedding caterers to the country's continued progress. One of these Taps is the high-grade reclaimed water known as NEWater, a success history made possible by state-of-the-art membrane technologies. These kinds of new technology are a potential goldmine. The Singapore authorities has discovered water like a new progress sector and definitely will invest regarding S$330 mil in drinking water R& M in the next five years. Besides its proper role, normal water is beautifying Singapore's panorama and improving Singaporeans' quality of life. By concerning people while stakeholders of...



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