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Assessing and Contrasting Ancient Greece and Ancient rome

Walter Moore

Cardinal Stritch University

European Civilization 1 ASB220

September 3, 2011

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Ancient Greece and The italian capital are two of the most influential civilizations well-known in history. This kind of paper will certainly focus on contrasting and contrasting both the dissimilarities and commonalities of the two great civilizations. Some of the key topics which will be covered throughout this paper will include this: Forms of govt, the jobs of women in both civilizations, and military life.

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Looking back in historical times, the Greek and Roman kingdoms were incredibly influential to a lot of modern day ethnicities and societies. Everything from govt, to religious beliefs, and to kinds overall points of views and viewpoint on lifestyle in general remains widely respectable and studied by many all over the world. This is exactly why these two great civilizations were picked for this particular assignment. Whilst both autorite were incredibly similar to the other person, there are also a large number of important variations between the two as well. The central focus of this daily news will involve determining just how comparable they were in nature, as well as how different they were also. The following important topics were chosen to end up being evaluated: Kinds of government, the roles of women in both civilizations, and military your life. Government in both Greece and The italian capital

Ancient Greece and Ancient rome were a pair of the greatest civilizations known to man, and it didn't make any kind of sense to investigate both kingdoms without getting a close take a look at their government structures. The Greeks designed many types of government throughout its civilization such as monarchies, oligarchies, tyrannies, and eventually transforming to a democracy. The Greeks were the first to develop a govt run by people, although not all people were contained in its democracy. Only free male adult citizens were allowed to get involved while ladies and slaves had been excluded (Ancient Greek Government).

In contrast to the Greeks a large number of forms of authorities, the Romans would undertake the Greeks ideology of democracy nevertheless later produced what is known like a republic. This form of

Historic Greece and Rome four

government might prove to be very efficient for the Romans, because they would stay with it throughout the span of their disposition. They arranged it in three classes: legislative, exec, and judicial branches; each area was going to perform a particular purpose. This is monumental on behalf of the Romans because it put the foundation of running a very organized form of government, the one which many long term generations might come to emulate. One more contrast towards the Greeks was that every resident under the Roman government had some sort of rights. This could be seen through how both civilizations treated women on the whole (The Both roman Empire, 2011). Roles of girls in Greece

Although the two great civilizations were so much alike, the roles directed at women is one area high were a lot of differences. The best way to describe women is definitely Greece was below that of second-class nationality. They were cured as servants of their husbands and were given no privileges whatsoever. Generally women had been married away at an extremely young age to men much older than them; once wedded they were regarded property with their husbands and didn't keep any expert within their own household. This power was typically provided to the mother of their hubby. If that wasn't a rotten thing to do, before women was hitched she was under complete control of her father, which is sad. Girls weren't actually allowed to go to public events like the popular Olympics. Not only had been they deemed servants with their husbands, but they were thought about as having one primary function, and that was to...

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