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Unit 302. 1 . 1

Summarise entitlement and provision for our childhood.

In 2006 all 3/4 season olds were entitled to approximately 12. five hours a week during term time free early years education. This was increased to 15 hours a week in September 2011. There are cost-free pre-schools which are run by the local authorities that children can attend intended for 3 hours a day as soon as they have turned 3 or if youngsters are already each day nursery they will have 12-15 hours weekly deducted off their bill the term following your child turns 3. Your day nursery has to follow the tight guidelines set out by Just about every Child Concerns and Early Years Foundation Level curriculum as do the local specialist pre-schools. The main aim for the first years configurations is for children to learn through play and start to type friendships and social skills that they want later in life. Kids should be permitted to practice mark making with no pressure to create and to position playing is inspired to help bring out their personalities. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) starts off from the associated with 3 and continues up to the end of reception school in school.

Device 302 – 1 . 2

Explain the functions of the different types of school in relation to education stage(s) and university government.

Schools can be work by a few different sources and they are:

• State schools – financed by the local authorities

• Independent/private schools – funded by parents input and charitable trust donations

• Academies – funded by simply local businesses

I will today breakdown every source.

Point out Schools

There are 4 types of state run university. The local authorities are managed by the local councils and also have to follow the National Curriculum. The 4 types of state institution are:

• Community universities – Run by the local authorities and they are likewise in charge of the admissions coverage.

• Basis and trust schools – These are manage by a regulating body who also determine the vestibule policy.

• Voluntary schools – These are separated into 2 types – Non-reflex aided – Run by their own regulating body who also decides on their particular admission coverage Voluntary handled – Regional authority run and in impose of the tickets policy.

• Specialist educational institutions – Work by local authority whom determined the admission insurance plan.

Independent schools

Independent and schools usually do not necessarily have to follow the nationwide curriculum however they do have to register with DFE (Department intended for Education) as they still must be monitored to ensure that the children continue to be being taught to a acceptable level. The schools have their own admission policies that they can decide upon.


Academies will be run by the local authorities and so they have to stick to the nationwide curriculum. They actually rely on regional businesses to compliment and account them however it is the regional authority that determines the admissions policy.

Unit 302. 1 . several

Explain the post sixteen options to get young people and adults

After turning 18 young people can make to leave school and commence working. You will discover other options plus they are:

• 6th form – A amounts or A/S levels, even more G. C. S. E's or G. N. Sixth is v. Qs

• College – A amounts or A/S levels, G. N. V. Q's or perhaps N. V. Q's

• Apprenteships

• Work positions

There are several spots young people could possibly get advice coming from to help make a decision what to do following. Some schools offer profession advice or perhaps there are locations like Jonction that are especially set up to get 16-19 season olds to give advice and training to assist young people enter into employment. of sixteen is a very young age to decide what young people might like to do with the many years to come so connexions can speak through every options available for these people and to provide them with confidence.

Unit 302. installment payments on your 1

Make clear the strategic purpose of:

A) School governors

School governors are a group of 10-20 people made up of parents,...



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