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Dreams. All people have dreams, items they want, items they want to accomplish in life. Ultimately, everyone's lifestyle will come to a end and that we all know this. When we reach a certain point in our elderly lives, all of us will probably simply want to be content and enjoy our lives. In The book " Of Rodents and Males, ” candy is a well used man whom spent his life working away at a farmville farm. Candy loses his side and when George and Lennie appear with the " dream” of proudly owning land, Chocolate begs to sign up the " dream. ” Candy shed everything including his precious dog; he is desperate. This leads to my question, why performed Steinbeck want to make Chocolate join the dream more than any other persona? Steinbeck chose Candy to sign up the fantasy because he is among the most desperate and Steinbeck desired to show Candy's vulnerability. Candy's missing a hand; he's old and about to be fired. His dreams can't be achieved by himself. Steinbeck does this to exhibit hoe however, worst of situations could be turned around. To be able to show desperation and dreams in Candy's life, I will be looking at the many hard times Candy has confronted. Soon after Carlson killed Candy's dog, George and Lennie start referring to their " dream. ” George starts telling the story of their dream and then Candy asks a few questions about the land these were planning to buy. " The can can me purty soon…. Jus' when I can't swamp away no hoke houses…. Could be if I give you guys my money, you are going to let me hoe the garden possibly after I ain't no good in it…. You seen the actual had done to my puppy tonight?.... Whenever they can me personally here, We wisht somebody'd shoot me. ” From what I figure out, Candy knows that he is gonna be dismissed, and this individual wants to just eat the terrain with George and Lennie. Candy expresses that the he wants to grow old working, then when he is of no more use, he just wants to expire. This estimate shows Candy and how this individual views your life. It seems like Candy just wants to end up being happy, but he has no one and nowhere to go after they open fire him by his job. This informs me that...



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