Peapod: Online Grocery Shopping

 Peapod: On the web Grocery Shopping Essay

Pea Pod

Behaviors and Comparison

What behaviors are involved in online food shopping? How does on-line grocery shopping compare with traditional searching in terms of behavioral effort? The behaviors involved with online grocery shopping are details contact, funds access, and transaction. The information contact " …occurs when consumers touch information, possibly intentionally or perhaps accidentally, about products, retailers, or brands…” (J. Paul Peter, 2010, p. 195) Funds gain access to or cash " …is the primary method of consumer exchange. The buyer must gain access to this channel in one type or another before an exchange can occur…” (J. Paul Peter, 2010, p. 198) I do certainly not believe that your local store contact or the product get in touch with is applicable in this article since the acquisitions are being created online and not in a local store which will would allow the customer to see, touch, and go through the items they wish to purchase. The behavioral work found in an internet grocery shopping can be defined as in an emergency case only. Online shopping is used when the consumer does not have enough time to enter into the superstore to shop. Yet the success of Pea Pod relies on these types of customers for the success of their particular continued business. The behaviors of traditional shopping are information contact, funds gain access to, store contact, product contact, and purchase. What both the online and classic shopper offers in common are the consumption and disposition, as well as the communication. Buyers

What types of people are likely to benefit online grocery shopping from Peapod? The type of consumers that are likely to worth online food shopping from Peapod are the active consumers, females, older people, people without vehicles (if the businesses are not strolling distance) plus the " dual-income families (that) are tight on time…” (J. Paul Philip, 2010, p. 209) mention just a few. These consumers may feel like they have little time to get into a brick and mortar retail outlet. Their careers and speedy paced...

Sources: J. Paul Peter, L. C. (2010). Consumer Behavior & Web marketing strategy (9th Model ed. ). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin.



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