Philosophical and Historical Foundations of American Politics

 Philosophical and Historical Footings of American Politics Essay

The Founding Dad's views on authorities were affected by both classical his party and the normal rights philosophers. The two sets of philosophers placed very different thoughts about how a federal government should operate. The traditional republicans presumed that the person should sacrifice his or her personal freedoms to achieve the greater good. The organic rights philosophers, on the other hand, kept that a person's individual liberties out to become preserved at all costs. The two finest examples of historic precedent in republican federal government were the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, which both gave the folks a great deal of electric power in the govt by allowing them a voice. The natural legal rights philosophers popular the Greeks, while most classical republicans popular the Aventure.

The theory of classical republicanism is that the finest society is usually one that encourages the common good instead of person interests. A great way that this is completed is by constraining individual privileges. This idea began in Rome in 509 following King Servius' successor Tarquin the Proud behaved in such a tyrannical way that the outraged aristocracy ousted him. Reacting to the unspeakable treatment, the Romans transformed the government's job. The elite proclaimed themselves the protectors of Rome against tyranny. This attitude became vital to the ideology through which they justified their very own political supremacy. From this point on, there would be extreme suspicion of any individual who also tried to convert popular support into personal power.

Numerous problems may arise within a society which will emphasizes both individual legal rights and the prevalent good for the reason that two desired goals are often inconsistant in characteristics. Everyone wants individual rights, but to guard the common great a cultural contract has to be in effect. Therefore some personal rights should be sacrificed to get the good from the community. The natural legal rights philosophy considered the rights of the individual to be of primary...



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